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    i know i sound bit dumb but need some good advice please i work with young djs trying to give them a chance to show there talents to show them how they are doing we record them and are currently using a hd mini disk but would like a device that can be used by the kids at home if need be something on the lines of a dictaphone sort of unit. needless to say cost is a big issue as we are a charity can anyone advise please... we have tried getting them to use a pc but as we tend to deal with underprivlegd not all have this facilty any advice would be welcomed
    thank you
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    Maybe something like this?
    I don't know this particular device, but these days it is hard to find a real bad sounding digital recorder, anyway.
    Visit a music online store page and look for portable recorders... There is a wide choice....
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    If you're in the States, there's broadcast supply store called BSW (Google them). They have a Tascam DR-07 on sale for $99, this is a stereo handheld recorder that uses a flash card (incl). I bought one when Guitar Center had them on sale for the same price. Very good audio, easy to use. Built-in mics, plus you can take a line out from a mixer into it as an alternate source.
    Just what the world needs...more DJ's!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!
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    thank you

    in the uk but with your ideas i am now looking at a lecture mate that has line in and can recored over 10hrs for 49gbp so i may got with that -- but will wait to see if any other suggestions come to light for a while,,, we have been using hd mini disk but they a bit of a nightmare with the kids so the simple things are prob the best in this case
    again thank you
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    Zoom makes some nice handheld recorders with decent mics and line in capability.
    IMO. One of the best things you can do for them is instill the basics of audio. I work at a night club, and 9 out of 10 'DJ's' don't know how to plug in the RCA cables from our system into their mixer. They claim the mic 'doesn't work', when it is 'off', or the channel fader is down. They unplug their mixer, while the power amps are still on, causing all 5,000 watts to pop. This happens on a weekly basis. Good Luck, keep up the good work!!!!!
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    yeah thanx my friend -- i know what your saying about how they dont know much so we are all about learning them the basics of all aspects as we also do nightclubs and we own our own system (20k) which we have had most of the problems lack of knowledge creates-- including the simple thing red light = crap sound --this is one of my pet hates with most djs given that in every aspect of life a red light = danger yet they cant comprehend that it means something different on a mixer lo we also show them how to sent up and power down correctly but hey its an ongoing battle lol
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    Yeah tell me about it. If the bass knob could turn around twice i think it would. The DBX Driverack kicks butt and allowed me to maintain proper levels, and sound quality, haven't had a blown speaker yet.

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