Tear my work apart please!!!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by DandalphTheGreat, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. This is only regarding "The Journey"


    By all means tell me everything that is wrong with the quality of the song "The Journey" so I can improve.

    As a disclaimer, this music is not serious, it's supposed to be me having fun, messing around making mock glam metal to prepare for a serious project.

    I am aware drums are too compressed...
    & I am aware the vocals don't sit right in the mix....

    anything you have to say negative be sure to provide advice on how to fix it...

    Tear this music apart!!! And have fun
  2. 2012

    2012 Guest

    it needs...

    more cowbell
  3. jonnyc

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    Apr 21, 2005
    LOL this can't be a serious song. Anytime I bust out laughing 2 seconds into the vocals I know its not going to be great. And dude, did you turn up the tape simulator to the max to get that huge hiss in the intro.
  4. Well ell-oh-^#$%ing-ell indeed. So, you say "this music isn't serious" but you want to hear what's wrong with it in order to improve--one assumes not to improve THIS song, but some other, more "serious" one.

    Well here's your first advice: take $*^t seriously. If you're just going to ^#$% around, then you're going to sound like you're just ^#$%ing around.

    Now the best you can hope for is that folks come along and listen to that inane crap and give you this tip or that tip and you will be secretly writing it all down while you post responses along the lines of "oh yeah, we were so totally ^#$%ing around with that, I knew it sucked, I made it suck on purpose!" You figure it'll make ya look all cool without actually having to do anything with any ooh-factor.

    Downside is, nobody can really give you any good advice on that piece of ballsack psoriasis flakes. Nobody can tell what's really going on. The whole thing sounds like buttcrack in my opinion. The guitar sounds anemic, I can't hear any bass, the drums are just retarded--and not just because the compressor is pumping. Frankly the whole thing sounds like a live recording of a garage band IN a garage done on a "boom box".

    May the force be with you,
  5. stickers

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    Jan 31, 2005
    Lowell MA
    Home Page:
    work on the snare tuning. It doesnt have enough twack. Tighten that $*^t up and hit it hard. The guitar... dude lose ass that gain turn the mids up...
  6. thanks for the constructive critisism shotgun!

    Sarcasm of course, but it sounds like ass because people that know how to make things sound good never seem to have time to say how to improve they just have time to say what sucks...

    It is possible to make a ^#$%ing around song with good quality, Spinal Tap?...or Wierd Al anybody?

    I trully wanted the help, not be cool like i don't care...I'm taking notes, that's why i come on this forum every damn day, that's why i sit in my basement and tinker with my gear instead of going out...I'm striving for better and having a good time learning and your advice is to be serious and stop having fun...Weird Al had fun, c'mon lets be honest can we?
  7. brother

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    here is an honest reply, i haven`t even listened to your demo and i'm going to give you some advice just from what i read. as they say, you can't polish a turd, sooooo, it sounds like you need to refine the sound that your trying to capture. if your drums sound like poo, tune them, but first you must know what good drums sound like. you can't just throw a bunch of mikes on some ragged drum set and think it's going to sound good. same with whatever your trying to record, guitar, bass, vocals. know what a good sound is on each of those instruments, if your group is not ready to record yet... don't record. recording is for when your group is good enough to do it! listen to well recorded albums, i think there is a list on this site somewhere that tells you good listening albums (cd's). try to find somebody who does recording allready and ask questions. refine, refine, refine, recording is a craft and a talent, it takes practice. record each instrument by itself, listen to it on playback, if it does'nt sound good, keep trying. when your group is good enough to record, go to a studio and record a demo with someone who knows what they are doing. keep your eyes and ears open ask a FEW questions and go from there. but you can't expect throw doo on this site and not get it trown back at you. you reap what you sow! the more work you need , the more critisism your going to get. you never mentioned what kind of gear you had, what are you working with?
  8. Well first there's a new song on the page to check out, real short test song.

    As far as equipment i'm using...

    Yamaha AW16G

    5 Piece Tama Rockstar(All new heads)

    SM57 on snare (into Presonus Eureka)
    Audix D6 on Kick Drum (into Stageworks 15 Band Equalizer)
    Sennheiser MD421 on Tom 1 (into ART DI/O preamp)
    Sennheiser MD421 on Tom 2 (into ART DI/O preamp)
    Audix I5 on Floor Tom (into into Stageworks 15 Band Equalizer)
    2 CM90s as OH's

    SM57 on Marshall AVT50 Head w/ Marshall 4x12 Cab(into Presonus Eureka)

    The newer song clip sounds much better than "The Journey"

    the link is: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=53342394
  9. Davedog

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    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    I try to never criticize someones 'Art'...but dude..... That whole set of errr 'songs' is an incredible wasteland of noise. I'm not really sure that detailing the obvious recording problems is going to go far in improving anything at all. Wow.....sorry.

    I do have one question....why are you running the kick drum mic through ANYTHING? Especially a 15 band eq???? And an Audix D6! WTF over?

    The minute and 43 I did spend listening (which I'll NEVER get back) told me you simply need to start over. Get a book and learn more about the craft. Spend some time songwriting and for godsakes dont ever record that singer again.
  10. brother

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    dude, the bad news is that not everybody is cut out for recording. not everybody is born with an ear. sorry man.
  11. Okay, let's start over cause people don't understand what's going on here.

    I started this for constructive critism but people don't know what that means or they don't understand how these songs form and why i do them.

    I am a guitar player. Right.
    I don't play drums, bass, or sing.

    I jam on the drums. I record a rock beat without structure or anything to mess with the sound of the drums.

    I then play a guitar riff made up on the spot and write funny lyrics in a straight up high note ball squeazin fashion for fun. I do that so I can see how the drums sound with music as well as by themselves. I am not a professional. I know this. I think everyone that has heard any of the songs clear knows that. BUT.

    Telling me that i need to learn about the craft isn't much help is equivalent to saying the sky is blue, or that peoples $*^t stinks(I assume everyones but the high and mighty on recording.org!) They are all obvious and true. I'm asking for tips/advice.

    All i've gotten so far is BS. Seriously, a big steaming smudge of $*^t smeared all over my monitor.

    I'm pretty pissed about this. Listen to the recordings you made brother when you were recording for 4 months. Why don't you post some? I bet we'd all think you didn't have "the ears" The amazing ears that you have! Post some of your first tracks Perfect Pitch! C'mon! I bet they sounded like $*^t. And i bet Davedog did $*^t that didn't make sense when recording at 4 months, which ultimately sounded like garbage.

    Now don't talk down to me like you're better. If you're so amazing why don't you share your knowledge and stop being such elitist assholes. You all make me sick.

    ...and to answer why I put the mic through the 15 band EQ, it's because it was the only EQ i has so i used it for a nice click and thump for the kick recorded so i didn't have to do much tweaking afterwards. If it sucks going in it'll suck coming out. (Sorry i don't have the plethera of equipment you have!)

    I have advice for those who responded. Don't become teachers. I can only imagine the first day of school...You give a calculus exam and you sit in a swivel chair (what you refer for as a throne)laughing at all of the kids because you know more than them and they fail. "You don't know calculus? HAHA! It's not even worth me teaching you this math because you messed up the answers so bad! You must not be destined to be a Mathematician like myself"

    That sounds ridiulous and that's basically what you all just did.
  12. therecordingart

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    Jul 28, 2004
    It sounds like Mr. Hanky joined a metal band! Hahah...just teasing. The guitars...too thin. Snare too deep. Kick way to foward in the mix. Def Leppard style reverb on the snare.
  13. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    No ones response has been about whos' better or whos' more experienced or who has the biggest d*ck......

    So since you're not getting what you want from the clan then perhaps if it all offends you , you should move on.

    My response then and now will again be this...the music was so drasically bad that I could not help you with the recording problems.

    Get angry if you want...its useless and on a public forum like this its suicide.....If you're making this crap because its funny then expect funny responses.

    Everyone on here was a beginner at one time. Very true. That wasnt your question was it? If you cant take the heat when you ask for it then dont post. Especially on my forum.
  14. Thanks for the responses and i definately think more cowbell will be added next time

    All i was looking for was, "Guitars have too much gain" or "The reason the snare sounds thin could be micing or the room." or "It sounds too cluttered because EQ and Compression should have been applied like..."

    Something like that ya know?

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