Tell me about the Nuendo midi side?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by jscott, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. jscott

    jscott Guest

    OK – I am a devout PC user (nothing against you MAC guys other than they cost way too much).

    I use to be (still currently) a LOGIC user (v5.5.x) and I want to convert to another program cause I just ain't goin MAC. I hear rumors about Nuendo2, but is it strong at all midi wise?

    I also want to see if any of the recent program releases will read or convert from LOGIC files to “their” files without a major issue? So I’m not sure which way to steer my efforts? Any input is appreciated.

    Most of my work is midi instrument composition sync to midi drum tracks, then bounce to audio, then replacement of all midi drum tracks with the real thing.

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  2. kaushpaul

    kaushpaul Guest

    check out the October 2003 issue of HomeRecording Magazine...discusses Nuendo 2.0 in detail...

    to answer your question, YES...Nuendo 2.0 will allow you to do pretty much all you want to do as far as MIDI goes...
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