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    Ok, I've had a USB MBox for a while, loved it, and just today received my 002 Rack in the mail that I upgraded to. Super pumped. My only issue is that my laptop only has the FireWire 4-pin connector. And no, don't ask me why I didn't check. :shock:

    Can I convert the FW 6-pin 002R output cable to 4-pin and be ok?

    Please tell me this will be ok. eeeeek!

    Thanks in advance..
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    You'll be fine- those other two pins only carry power. A 002 is not bus powered so you shouldn't have a problem. The 4 pin fw connection is only a problem for things that rely on bus power for operation (like some of the M Audio interfaces). Most of those interfaces, though, come with wall warts to supply power in case there is no bus power so it really shouldn't be a problem.

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    Music to my ears. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

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