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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Hardnox, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. Hardnox

    Hardnox Guest

    Hey people! Got some music going on our webpage

    Click "Music"

    They are crappy little MP3's 96 kps to keep those with slower connections in mind. It's probably not good enough sound to do any intricate mix critiquing but hey, tell me what you gather from what you heard. Gotten some cool feedback so far.

    The tracks were produced, arranged, mixed, the whoel sha-bang by us (Hardnox). We took them to our good friend Grammy Nominated Gary Cirimelli for mastering. He was impressed with our mixing, writing, and producing and we are going to do some projects with him in the future. Not bad for 22 and 20 years-old uh? :) .

    We will be releasing our 14-track debut as soon as the CDs get pressed...which is going on right now. Any suggestions or advice on promoting/marketing or if anybody knows of anyone who would be interested in talking to us further emal or send to the email in my profile.

    Thanks. Much of what we've accomplished thus far has come from the knowlege gained on We've got a ways to go...we ain't gonna sit still by any means.

    Please give your straight, honest feedback!
  2. plexi

    plexi Guest

    I suspect some MP3 damage, as to me the drums lacked punch and I would have liked the lead vocals a lot more "in your face"
    Are you using the MPC for the drums here?

    But the production sounds great, lot`s of cool stereo fx and retro synth sounds (80`s)

  3. Hardnox

    Hardnox Guest

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, MP3 Damage is what you're hearing. The vocals are very up front on the CD. In fact, when people have heard the CD one of the first things they say is "the vocal is right in your face!"

    Yes we're using the MPC. Sorry guys, the MP3 quality is shitty and hard to make any really professional critques. Thanks for the listens though. We had to rip the low quality MP3's so that people with dial-ups and Sllllllooooowwww connections can take a listen without waiting too long for a load. These tracks are final too, Cd's being pressed as we speak, so it's too late for any changes. But any lessons will be applied to future projects. With the drums our mastering guy wanted to give a bit more of a loud "rock" feel than the standard hip-hop. We wanted to be a little different. Our songs are more than just "Boom" and we want people to hear that.

  4. Hardnox

    Hardnox Guest

    Anybody else wanna take a shot?

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