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    Hi everyone... this is my first post here, so nice to meet everyone ^.^

    I need some help... if anyone has any idea about these things, I'd really appreciate it:

    On a new song I'm making, I arranged all the background instruments in Sonar using MIDI and DXI plug-in software. Then I created an AUDIO track, and imported a wav file. The wav file is a corresponding piano track that I played on the Triton keyboard. Instead of a metronome, I listened to the background arrangement and played along with that in order to keep in time. I recorded this using Soundforge. When I attempt to import this wav into Sonar, it is out of sync with the rest of the arrangement. I don't understand why.

    I thought the problem was with Sonar... and I posted this question in the Sonar user forums. But now I'm thinking the problem is either with Soundforge, or with the Triton keyboard. Because I played back the wav in Soundforge simultaneously with the background arrangement (being played off of Winamp) in order to see if they were in sync. They always start off perfectly in sync, and then gradually get worse and worse until they are seconds apart at the end of the song. I checked the Triton's output tempo, and made sure it was the same as the arrangement (90bpm)... not that it should matter, because the instrument is a piano, and not something with an arpeggiated beat or something. But I checked it anyway.

    The one thing I noticed, was that when I imported the wav into Sonar, and checked its clip properties, it notes that the tempo is 106.513... what the heck?!? You have the option of "stretching to project tempo" but this doesn't fix the problem.

    I have tried adjusting any tempo I can find on the Triton to 90bpm... and it doesn't make a difference in the length of the wav file I record in Soundforge. I am at my wit's end. Does anyone out there know what could be the problem... or know someone who is proficient in Soundforge or Korg Tritons that would have any idea why this is happening??

    I've been cross-listing this in forums and LJ communities, so I apologize if you see this more than once...


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