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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by jorge_jorge, Jan 20, 2005.

  1. jorge_jorge

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    Hi! I´m sorry for being such a begginer in these matters, but i am starting to create my own home studio with a pc that i´m built my sefl.
    For now i only have 1 pc, a few studio microfones e all the basic instruments ( drums, guitars, keyboards, etc. )
    If it isn´nt much to ask i would like some help from you to tell me what kind of mixer i have to buy (or not ) and if i relly need things like compressors or pre-amps.

    Please help! :oops:

    P.S.: My objective is to make a kind of self production CD for me and my band. Thanks
  2. RAIN0707

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    You need some sort of preamp for sure. You don't necessarily need outboard compressors if you buy a software platform that comes with plug ins of compressors. A mixer is not a necessity, however an A/D-D/A interface is. You need an interface to change the analog signals to digital to get them to your computer. Why don't you list what you do have already and your plans of use for this studio (is it going to be personal use, is going to be for recording friends, is it going to be for recording the public?) - this way we can help a lot more effectively.
  3. jorge_jorge

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    It is for personal use. I ( or we ) want to make our own recordings because we´ve done some recordings in a friend´s studio and we didn´t finish them. So we want to do it again from the beggining with our own timings and demands.
  4. Nemesys

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    You'd probably be well served by getting a copy of Acid Pro 4 or the newer 5. ACID is one of the easiest to learn tracking and layout programs.

    You'll also need an editor to go along with that.... for when you really want to manipulate waveforms and edit things, clean up noise, etc... Three affordable choices are (1) Wavelab, (2) Sound Forge, or (3) Cool Edit.

    Alot of people here use Wavelab and Sound Forge, and you might get some snickers from the 'gear snob' gallery when it comes to using "Cool Edit"..... but its less expensive than the other two programs, and quite frankly, Cool Edit does things and has features that the other two programs don't and is basially easier to use besides all that.

    I routinely use about a half a dozen high priced (overpriced) programs for waveform editing, processing and tracking.... and I have to say.... that even though I dont use it much anymore, my personal favorite in terms of intuitiveness has always been and shall always be 'Cool Edit', even though its not the most powerful program out there...
  5. jorge_jorge

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    Thank´s nemesys and rain0707 for replying.

    Sorry if i seem to be to much of an ignorant.
    when we were at my friend´s studio we were using nuendo 2 throught a digital mixer, some pre-amps and an RME hammerfall sound card. I don´t have all that, but do i realy need something like that? Or with a goog A/D converter, good mics and a good software i can get good results? i have more or less €750 to spend on some hardware for now, but i cant get some more money later on. What should i buy first? Some monitors? An A/D converter? A Sound Card?

    Thanks again :)
  6. If you plan to record sounds using one or more microphones you will need the same amount of microphone-amplifiers, just so you know. These can be built into a mixing desk or single rackmounted units. You need one for each mic all the same.
  7. jorge_jorge

    jorge_jorge Guest

    Thank´s to all that replyed to me !!!! :D :cool:

    Meanwile i got some gear that i borowed from some frineds. I got a mixer ( Spirit LX7 ) and a pair of tube stereo pre-amps.
    So all i´ve got now is:

    1 computer
    2 shure SM58
    2 AKG
    2 large diafragm studio microfones
    1 valvle microfone

    I was told to buy an M-audio card with 8 analog inputs to record directly into the computer or tu buy something like the UA-1000 from edirol, but i don´t know were to spend the money!
    The UA-1000 is a bit expensive and i was hopping to spend a litle bit less money.

    I probably can buy an Protools digi001 that a friend of mine is seling but and don´t know what to do....

    HEEEELLPP!!!! :cry:
  8. chimmy

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    I'm just past a beginner so all I can tell you is what route I went.

    Sound card: M-Audio Delta 1010LT, ($200 US) Very happy with it. 8 track simultaneous record. Installed very easy and has very helpful input meters in the mixer window for setting levels for no input clipping.

    Mixer: I wanted a Mackie (saving up for the new Onyx) but bought a Berringer 2442FX-PRO, with 8 direct outs. ($300 US) Berringer gets a bad rap in a lot of places but it's all relative to what I could afford, and honestly for a first mixer and the price I paid I'm pretty satisfied with it.

    Software: I started with N-Tracks but it's too buggy for me. I'm now using Tracktion (Mackie) and version 1.6 can still be purchased as a download for $80 US. Real, Real easy to use with some decent plugs, including Final Mix - a mastering plug that retails for around $320 US (Included as part of the Tracktion download).

    Hope this helps.

    Good Luck,

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