The Best Choice between from 0 to 1000 Euros Matched Pairs?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Hemophagus, Jun 16, 2004.

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  1. Hemophagus

    Hemophagus Member

    Jun 13, 2004
    I've found some affordable mic sets:

    Rode NT-4 --------------- €439,00

    Rode NT-5 --------------- €359,00

    Beyerdynamic MCE-82 Stereo Mikrofon ------------------ €419,00

    Beyerdynamic MCE-72 Stereo Mikrofon ------------------ €209,00

    Beyerdynamic MC-930 Stereo Set --------------- €728,00

    Beyerdynamic MCE-530 Stereo Set -------------- €198,00

    Neumann KM-184 Stereo Set --------------------- €1111,00

    Microtech Gefell M-300 Stereo-Set --------------- €980,00

    AKG C-391 B Mikro-Set --------------- €555,00

    AKG C-451 B selektiertes Stereoset ----------- €749,00

    Shure KSM-141 Matched Pair -------------- €928,00

    MXL 603 SPR Stereo Set --------------- € 269,00

    Studio Projects C4 ---------------------- € 439,00

    All of these prices are from the web:
    What would be your choice between these "under €1000" stereo sets?
  2. Bhennies

    Bhennies Guest

    Re: the best choice between from 0 to 1000 Euros matched pai

    I personally have the Studio projects c4's, but you had some mics on that list that are way abouve the Sp's. These aren't mentioned, but I've heard nothing but wonderful things about the Josephson c42's. They are about 850 a pair (US). Can't go wrong with the Neumann's either (even though they are pretty expensive). Really though, I'm probably the wrong person to chime in here...personally just stepped into the Small-diaphragm domain.
  3. sdelsolray

    sdelsolray Active Member

    Jul 5, 2003
    Portland, OR
    The Microtech Gefell M300s are very, very nice. The Neumann KM184s are very nice.

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