The Brian Setzer Orchestra Live - FOH Engineer Jimbo Neal using Royers

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    Front of House Engineer Jimbo Neal takes us behind the scenes with the Brian Setzer Orchestra, showing how he uses Royer and Mojave Audio microphones to get Brian's live sounds.

    To add more choices, here is a look at Mojave and Royer mics. They are a bit higher priced mics but you can always find second hand deals too.
    Used Royer R-121 can be bought for around $700. Royer will also re ribbon a 121 for around $100 and sometimes even free.
    The difference in sound quality for the better built microphones might be worth it. Save your pennies is recommended. :)

    Mojave, which are very good sounding, comparable to mics in the high end range can be bought used around the $500 to $800 range used too. These are excellent on all sorts of instruments and vocals as well.
    There are interesting (very informative) videos with audio examples on both Royer and Mojave websites worth checking out too .

    For those unfamiliar who the President of Mojave Microphones is... Dusty Wakeman, has a list of serious recording and engineer credits
    Here is the link (if not to buy), just to listen :
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