The Great Gear List - my past and present

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    I thought this would be fun to read and reminisce our past to present evolution of gear that passed through our hands.
    I'm cringing at the thought of trying to remember it all in one pass, so I'll be updating mine post every week or so until its done to detail, or I am done.
    I think I'll add up the cost of this party at the end too. :coffee:

    Looking forward to the hundreds that follow mine.


    • an array of Hohner Harmonica's
    • a few Violins (don't recall names)
    • Jew Harp
    • Ovation Classical
    • Takamine 12 String
    • Takamine 6 string
    • 1976 Les Paul Custom
    • Arp Avatar
    • Traynor Speakers and 6 channel Board
    • 3 Jackson USA Guitars
    • PRS Custom 10 Guitar
    • Fender Twin
    • Rivera Thirty Twelve
    • JBL PA gear (too much to break down)
    • Martin PA
    • 2 x DBX 166
    • Yamaha 1608 Console (loved that one)
    • Yamaha Power amps
    • Hill Power
    • Bryston 2B and 3B power amps (love that too)
    • Peavy amps
    • Peavy Consoles
    • Peavy Peavy Peavy.
    • Carver Power
    • Crown Power (very nice)
    • Orban 622A and 622B (bass freq parametric eq)
    • Specta Sonic Amps ( quiet and modular design of the 80's)
    • TOA tweeter,
    • Yamaha bullets
    • 4 Yamaha 31
    • Kink Flute
    • Yamaha Vibraphone
    • Gretch and Pearl Drums
    • Arp 2600
    • Arp Quadra
    • Roland TR 909
    • Roland TR 808
    • 2x Roland MK 800
    • Roland MC 500
    • Boss 505
    • 2x Roland JX8P
    • 2 x Emax
    • Orbit
    • Planet Phatt
    • Emulator II
    • Linn Drum 2
    • Akai MPC 60
    • Akai S1100
    • Roland Juno 60
    • MTP AV Time Piece
    • Pro Tool Mix Plus 888 24
    • Tascam 16 channel
    • StudioLive 24
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    My list is so long, if you include everything I've ever had...

    I have some "pride and joy" stuff that I consider to be irreplaceable; for example I have a 1913 Gibson Mandolin that belonged to my Grandfather that I prize.

    Some other stuff I treasure as well. I have a 1995 USA Fender Tele, Sonic Blue (see my avitar) that plays awesome, it sounds fantastic and plays like an extension of my arm.
    I play it through a Fender DeVille Tube 4x10.

    I have a 1980 AKG 414 EB that sounds very silky and warm...

    This one will probably make people roll their eyes and laugh, but I have a pair of Alesis Monitor One's - passive - that I power with a Hafler Transnova. I really like the combo.

    Some other various mics - Another newer 414, an older (1978) EV RE20, a Neumamnn U89i, a Neumann U87, various Senny 421's, some Shure 57's, 58's, and an old Sony Shotgun mic that surprisingly sounds very good.

    1988 Yamaha Drums, Power Stage II's, that sound great live and wonderful for recording as well.

    I could go on... but it would likely be similar to the stuff that we've all had at one time or another, stuff like Rockman Sustainor and Chorus modules, MXR EQ's, etc.
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    Oct 2, 2010
    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  4. audiokid

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    BC, Canada
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    being a guitarist, hearing is believing.

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