The History of our Members - What did you record?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by audiokid, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Staff

    Mar 20, 2000
    BC, Canada
    Home Page:
    The History of our Members

    What song, album or band/artist did you record or were a part of that received any "popular status" as in, did it get any radio play, a grammy, juno etc.

  2. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    Jun 29, 2001 not know where to start.

    First thing I had a hand in was the equalization of the kick drum of Kansas Left Overture. I know this is minor but carry on wayward son does have a memorable sounding kick drum back then and now.

    Stepped into the FOH for Peter Frampton and Gary Wright tour. I simply hung out and got to bs with the FOH man and then he had to take a leak (I was there for sound check with my long assed hair and gotee) at age 17 and he let me have the helm. I knew the music back and forward and actually he was busy getting some play with the women so he took many many exits. I basically ran the show. We hit it off and had a damn good time. I did 4 more shows with him. Then got invited to do FOH with 38 special as an assistant and later it just came off that I was loving the gigs and would show up and finally got a gig with "a major tour company" and then I went on to proclaim my spot as a professional trombonist with Buddy Rich, Stan Kenton, and Maynard Furguson. That takes us up to the time when the CD format was at birth and I was responsable for hundreds of transfers from analog to digital. Those were the days. We did have damn good speakers and the early CD did suffer from translation to glass (umatic woes) but it was fun.

    I ran into so many major artists during this time curious about the format..I cannot remember them all (like I said we had fun) but Alan Parsons is one of the cats I vibed hardest around.

    All the while I was designing loudspeaker systems for companies..especially crossover networks and tweeter design.

    Basically...I worked with a lot of live blues and jazz freelance between gigs to keep my engineering chops up and my trombone chops up. In 1990 I did some freelance teaching and consulting and then went on to hook back up with a label in artist development..(cool gig) for 5 years and I got free reign of a lot of things and a nice company car (S500). I worked with a major producer doing advertisements (Willie Tee) and ran a huge facility in New Orleans as chief engineer and we had over 120 advertisements (major) and 43 Albums (minor and semi major) come from that.

    Memorable sessions were the Treme Brass Band, Willie Tee doing his daughters album Raquel, also sound services (thanks Mark!) finished it up after we got the boot!(Studio owner had other plans) Rap groups like Lagit, Gregory D, Ruthless J, R&B "sho nuff" Gospel with the Late great Ramond Myles, hanging with James Alexander of the Barkays, working with serious producers such as Rawls, and another cat from Cameo that I forget his name off hand for a few days) cutting 16MM video and 8MM was fun. Burning a lot of SP beta tape and Dash 2920 was happening everyday.

    I also was invited to engineer in many studios in New Orleans and I really can call new Orleans my home (if it was not so goddamned dangerous)

    I went indie in 1996 and have not really looked back. I still involve myself with Warner bros Jazz Space and Bobs artists when I can.

    So many groups would bore you to tears.

    I guess you would call me the repair man. I get most of my work fixing others messes.

    I missed a lot of talent I have worked with in the just list them all (even if I could remember them all) would require (from me) an in depth perspective of the involvement, of each.

    It is just the business and it is never a dull moment.

    I am really getting off on the independent talent that is posting tracks on RO.

    See this:

    (Dead Link Removed)

    We have some killer people here and as far as the famous go...

    No different than me or you..thay simply played the game and got the break. They all have something in common. Extraordinary talent.

    I really do not feel it an advantage at all to work with someone of fame and fortune. They put their pants on and go to the crapper the same way I do. Some are just too cool and fun though.
    We learn alot.
  3. gmanmusic

    gmanmusic Guest

    Grin Groove by The G-Man was released independently in April, 2002. After a #5 in Europe, a #1 in Russia, and airplay on a dozen college radio stations, the album will be distributed by Delvian Records in February, 2003. A great story on me and my music is posted at:
  4. Hardnox

    Hardnox Guest

    We, HARDNOX released our debut album this year called "Just Us" and are currently working on our second record which will be titled "Garage Sale" Our website is
  5. Kn1ghtman

    Kn1ghtman Guest

    Well, I'm sure this isn't considered big in the 'industry' but I was the producer and engineer of American Acoustic Country, the #1 syndicated bluegrass radio show in the world, for 3 years. Sure it's only a weekly 1-hour bluegrass show but we were on 260 stations across the US and in Europe. I also wrote and hosted 5 shows.



    Dec 17, 2002
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Home Page:
    hey there,...well my band BROOMFILLER has released our full length album called "Watching the girls go bi" in July 2002.

    the song that we've had most radio success is our first single called "Decide Inside".

    if you want to hear it, and some of our other tunes from the new album, please feel free to check them out here:

    let me know what you all think ok?


    richard c/o BROOMFILLER

  7. Fred Maher

    Fred Maher Guest

    Scritti Politti - "Cupid and Psyche 85" Member, Co-Producer, progamming.

    Matthew Sweet - "Girlfriend", "In Reverse" - Produced and Played Drums.

    Information Society - "INFORMATION SOCIETY", "Hack" - Produced, Engineered and programming.

    Lou Reed - "New York" - Produced, Engineered and played drums.

    Lloy Cole - "X", Don't Get weird on me - Produced, Played drums and programmed.

    VAST - "V.A.S.T." - Produced, Engineered, Played drums and Programmed.

    Vitamin C - Produced, Engineered and programmed two cuts on first disk.

    Taxi Ride - "Garage Mahal" (WB-Australia)Produced, Engineered and programming.

    Also programming and or editing - KORN "Untouchables", Kraftwerk "Electric Cafe", Ice Cube "War and Peace" 1 & 2, Mindless Self Indulgence "Tight".
  8. Sean K of NZ

    Sean K of NZ Guest

    I had the fortune to be noticed after a small spot on TV as the person to make some props for a Crowded House video"Private Universe" and made some artistic instruments that didn't actually work but some of them kinda did so Neil suggested we make some someday that actually did.I got hold of him later and made some stuff which featured on a track on an album with his brother Tim"the Finn Brothers"but I've never heard it.We argued over cash payments and the thing ended acrimoniously.
  9. droog

    droog Active Member

    Nov 3, 2001
    just pottering away in my loungeroom, working on my debut lp (soon to be joined by mike stavrou ro record backing tracks)

    here's a record/postcard for my wife, while she was away in france (entered at #8 in the rock chart + local airplay)
  10. giles117

    giles117 Guest

    Up Here in the 'Gospel" Capital, Detroit, MI

    I Recorded 80% of the album "Commissioned - Times and Seasons"

    Mixed the song on Wow Gospel 2002 "Home" by Deitrik Haddon. Went Gold - Cool 1st One

    Smaller scale -

    Mixed the album Tears to Cheers - Dunamis Outreach Ministries. They managed to get quite a bit of airplay on CCM and Gospel stations in 2001. Not sure of total sales.

    Currently working on a project under my own indie label. I expect big things from this.

    Bryan Giles
    Sound Engineer
    Recording Truck Owner
    ??? Producer ??? U B the judge.
  11. Rimmer

    Rimmer Guest

    I'd forgotten about you guys. I used to like that Wood Beez track... That's going back a bit for me..

    Merry Christmas :c:

  12. kristian

    kristian Guest

    Hi, Im just finding my feet in the world of fame and fortune. I ain't really done that much that would be known.

    Last year I worked very closley with James Eller (ex bass player for, The the / Julian cope / The pretenders) on an album called "Roaming" by Liz horsman. Liz Is married to Mike spencer (ex , definition of sound / Producer of "Spinning around" by Kylie Minogue.Mike also over saw the production in it's final stages from his studio in the roundhouse.

    Thats all really!

    Check out Bill roberts ! I love history like that !

    If you would like to hear my noises>

    Kristian's web site !
  13. sign

    sign Guest

    What did I record? more than 750 bands :D

    Some fame got a band named "The Gathering", I did their debut "Always" with an old Fostex B16 and a couple of MD421's. :eek:

    Also recorded the first album of a band by the name of "Voyage", they are famous now, having a platinum album and the band's name now is "Within Temptation".

    Peace, Han
  14. I was an engineer in the late '70's & early '80s in a few New York City studios. None of the albums I worked won any awards, but I worked with a wide variety of talented musicians, artists & bands.

    I did engineering work on Aretha Franklin's "La Diva" album (produced by Van McCoy just before he died). I worked with KISS on "The Elder". And I did various work on albums for Stephen Bishop, The Go Go's, The Brecker Brothers, Billy Squier and Stuff. I also had the pleasure of working briefly with Roy Thomas Baker who produced a little known album by a guy named Tilly Michaels.
  15. Don Grossinger

    Don Grossinger Distinguished past mastering moderator Active Member

    Jan 16, 2002
    just north of NYC
    Home Page:
    Oh Boy... where do I start??? I have been very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time for these tunes to come to me & be able to add my little bit to their success.

    Biggest thrills?
    I absolutely love hearing the Venga Boys :"We Like To Party" at Yankee Stadium during a rally. I also hear it on TV at other sports stadiums around the country during baseball & NFL games. Same for Darude's "Sandstorm".
    To see Real To Reel's :"I Like To Move It" on lots of dance music compilations.
    I am told that these releases sold a few copies also & that's gratifying.
    I get to work with some of the most popular Dance Music producers. Lots of folks worldwide are able to forget their troubles while out on the dance floor in clubs and that means lots to me.

    I have cut for the last 3 Grammy Award winning dance music mixers' own labels (Peter Rauhofer, David Morales & Jr. Vasquez).
    Working with Tom Chapin on "Zag Zig", which was nominated for a Grammy as best Kid's Album, was fun.

    Here at Europadisk, I have cut singles for Celine Dion, Madonna, & Ghostfaced Killah.

    Working as Bob Ludwig's personal production engineer at Masterdisk many years ago was a giant thrill, daily. I got to contribute to so many amaizing projects. I worked on stuff from many of my all-time heros like Bob Dylan; Crosby, Stills, Nash& Young; Lou Reed; Pat Metheny; Joni Mitchell; Joe Jackson; The Grateful Dead; Paul McCartney; Tony Bennett; REM and so forth....

    Working with Joe Gastwirt at the start of my career, as his assistant, with Gil Evans & Teo Macero on 2 Miles Davis albums.

    My son thinks it's really cool that I worked on They Might Be Giant's album "Flood", one of his favorites.

    I do work now for lots of independent labels. It's a great thing when one of them hits it big. The band "Bloodhound Gang" & Whitestone Records "Rock It" by Boobikaw & The Wild Younginz (on the Billboard hip hop charts for 20 weeks) come to mind.

    I do the mastering for listener supported radio station WFUV-FM here in NY. They do a yearly compilation of tracks recorded in their studios as a members bonus CD. Artists have included Willie Nelson, Los Lobos, Loudon Wainright III, David Bromberg, Alajondro Escovito and many more. Those tracks all get airplay, often.

    I feel that every one of the projects that I work on each day has the potential to be a hit. Also, because so many of these projects are the work of independent artists or smaller labels, it is great to see them prosper in this tough, competitive world enough to continue to come back again & again to do more work on another release.
  16. goodmood

    goodmood Guest

    My band Cloudmachine is doing really well!
    I produced/engineered the album in my homestudio and played drums,percussion,and some keys on it.
    The first single Circus Animals got a lot of airplay on Radio 3,the main popular radiostation in Holland,album's just finished and we're talking to several recordcompanies now,album will be out in february 2003!!!!
  17. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    My main claim to fame is recording and producing "Brownie McGhee's" final record for
    Demon /Westside Records. In Europe, the record is titled "The Last Great Blues Hero" on Demon. In the USA it has been released as "Omega" on Westside. It is available at and may be ordered at any Tower/ Virgin Records store worldwide. I also recorded, produced and mixed several records for cult following blues guitarist, Kenny "Blue" Ray, including "Git It' and "In All Of My Life" both available from JSP Records, also available at and Tower /Virgin Records, worldwide. Also available is "A Day In The Life Of A Bluesman" by Jackie Payne, produced by Kenny Ray, Jackie Payne and myself. This too is available at and Tower/ Virgin on JSP Records. This is my favorite of the bunch. Jackie is a phenomenal vocalist and was a pleasure to work for. In addition I produced, played on and recorded several records for Jeff Larson, that were very well recived in Netherlands and Belgum on Embryo Arts / It Stinks! Records. These include "Redheads and Woodpeckers", "Upper Story Landing" "Another Slight Addiction." And "Beggars".

    I was born in 1953 and I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. When I was six years old, I told my parents I wanted a piano, so they bought me a guitar. :D I learned to pay some folk songs and my Dad took me to a Kingston Trio concert in San Francisco where he snuck me backstage and I was able to meet them! They heard my rendition of "Worried Man Blues" and asked me to go onstage and perform with them but I declined saying "Maybe when I get a little better." I grew tired of practicing so I quit my guitar lessons and let it lie for a while until...."THE BEATLES!" Happened.. Started playing again and never stopped. In the seventies I got a job as a stagehand for "Shuberts Sound" in Oregon, and worked shows for Buck Owens, Paul Williams, Helen Reddy, Jim Nabors and Tony Orlando to name a few. This was my first venture into pro audio and I was hooked. In the mid Eighties, I returned to the San Francisco Bay Area and formed a popular country rock band that did house band duties at South Bay hotspot watering holes "The Saddle Rack" and "Cowtown". We also did a season at the theme park, "Great America". In 1994, I opened a 2000 sq.ft. commercial recording studio that became a moderate success and afforded me the opportunity to meet and work with many fine players including members of "The Tubes", "Doobie Brothers" and "Huey Lewis and The News". The studio venture was successful enough that I have been able to retire at age 49. I still continue to search out talent and record at my own leisure. I have been married to the same woman for 23 years. My wife has been my musical partner in all the bands I have been in since I met her. She plays a mean bass guitar! I feel very fortunate to have been in the right places at the right times. I have no complaints. …… Fats
  18. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Staff

    Mar 20, 2000
    BC, Canada
    Home Page:
    I did answer it e-cue, :)

    I began learning how build web pages and promote myself online. Web design and marketing was my new journey. I bought myself a pro tools rig and started doing vinyl record restoration. My web site took off and I started making money in the forest lol. I'm very blessed.

    In 2000 I produced and arranged some songs for Marcel Gagnon, a gifted aboriginal singer songwriter. The album climbed to number 7 in the Aboriginal Music Awards for Canada. I'm very proud of that and that's basically my story.

    Cheers! :D


    And yet somehow e-cue didn't answer this question himself... ;)
  19. mgod

    mgod Guest

    While I don't neccesarily consider it my best work (I like my stuff with Jon Hassell), nonetheless the one I can't seem to escape is the first released Sheryl Crow album, which was named for my band the Tuesday Night Music Club (currently a trio). I played bass, guitar, co-wrote some songs (as did we all - it was a co-writing orgy). And from the point of view of some observers I would be considered a co-producer, but that would really only be in the current sense of the word in which everybody you meet is a producer, from the head of a record company who was gonna be an engineer to the guy bagging your groceries who knows someone who can speak semi-rhythmically into a Beta 58 over a sampled 808 rhythym track on a used laptop.

    Bill called me the minister of art on the record, the nudge responsible for pissing and moaning when things got too pat, but I'd call it kibbitzing, on the mix, the guitar overdubs, stuff like that. But most importantly a guy like Bill, who is real producer (remember that the next dozen times you meet someone claiming to be one) needs no help, just occasional conversation about where we were heading to clear his head. The album sold in the zillions, won Grammies I forget which, and is no doubt headed for a fine legacy of car and yogurt commercials. I hope never to repeat such a success, but it was a fabulous lesson in human behavior in the era of complete corporate control of everything and I wouldn't give up all that experience for the world.

    I would also like to register that I'm a big Fred Maher fan and I wish he'd call me to come play bass with him when he's on drums.

  20. Linwood

    Linwood Member

    Dec 9, 2001
    I usually do a few cd projects in the year. Most of which are independently released. I’m usually the producer/programmer/engineer/coffee maker. I also write/ produce around 150 jingles a year. (Somebody help me, AAAHHHH!!!)

    Linwood Bell

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