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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by checkmate, May 19, 2005.

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    Jan 13, 2005
    I am a writer/rapper/producer/engineer/studio oowner. I have numerous songz I have done and sold with no contracts at all.

    In the last few months things have happened that were "eye openers". I am no longer releasing recordings,beats, any production without a contract.

    Lets get a little Database going in this Forum.

    Everybody add a question and answer. Touch on other peoples questions and answers and add a new question on something they are unsure about.

    1. How Do I copyright My Music?
    I am now on the U.S. Copyright web page, they answer it all.

    2. I am a International musician/artist, will I be covered?

    3. I want to be able to collect rolayties, how can I set up my loyalty system so I can receive royalties?

    4. I want to put artists on my mixtapes (local artists recording on Industry beats) I want to get a contract that I can not copyright, (because I am infinging already) but hold their vocals to the cd. Because I've had a mixtape pretty much finished and a artist came and said "take all my vocals off the cd." What can I do?

    5. If I copyright my song...and it is mixed by me (not matsered)...then I get my joints mix and mastered, does the copyright still stand?

    6. I need contracts of all sorts. Is there a place I can get good ones for free?

    Thankx, I think this will be a nice place, where everybody can come to, wont have to make a pile of new topics on previously answered questions.
  2. Answer to #3: The easiest way is through an organization like ASCAP.

    Answer to #4: Have them get the copyrights on their work, then sign a mechanical license with them where you have to pay 8.5 cents per copy.

    Answer to #5: Yes. Copyrights cover the lyrics and the melody, not the mixing.

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