The importance of a good power supply?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk - Electronic Repair Modifications DIY' started by took-the-red-pill, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. took-the-red-pill

    took-the-red-pill Active Member

    Jan 10, 2005
    Near Clagary
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    Hi guys, just got the new Dell. It's only so far come out of the box to get sound card and software installed at the music store.

    Anyway, before I go plugging it into my wall, is it important to get a good power bar, or some such device that helps control power spikes, or is it all a moot point as the machine converts it into 24V DC anyway?

    Also is there a link to inconsistent AC power and computer crashes?

    Any recommendations, or do those $10 jobbies from the hardware store do what you need them to?

    Jest wondering?

  2. perfectwave

    perfectwave Guest

    For starters i would say it's in your best interest to protect your expensive gear with a good surge protector, one that is better than your average household one. I also just installed a power conditioner/surge protector that cost $500.00 in my studio. Before i bought it i would have to unplug the fridge that was in the waiting room whenever i was recording, Becuase i was getting Pops everytime it kicked on. The conditioner now filters that, which i assume it filters any stray spikes and electrical abnormalities. I think the worst thing is when you have a client recording at your studio doing takes, and rite in the middle of a good vocal track you hear POP!. If i knew what i know now when i started buying gear that probably would have been one of the first things on my list.
  3. rhydian

    rhydian Active Member

    Jan 26, 2005
    Southwell, Nottingham, UK

    Power supply certainly affects audio quality. "Brown outs" where the voltage from the mains dips, can reduce audio quality. Also, the set up of your individual power supply units can affect things------the best hi fi systems for example have separate power supply units so as to not affect the electronics in the amps and preamps with the electromagnetic fields. Treat yourself and have a listen to some top quality stuff like the Naim amps and preamps, and you'll be amazed by the difference in sound quality between integrated amps, to separate amps and preamps, to separate amps, preamps and powersupply units....
  4. thebrooksman

    thebrooksman Guest

    Are we talking about the computer's power supply or the power supply to the computer?
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