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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by valkyrie, Jan 20, 2003.

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    i'm an audio engineering student with a 2000 mac g4 at home, getting more frustrated by the minute. picked up the computer last year off an editor, it has programs that i've been using without much hassle (like final cut pro 2)
    tried installing the drivers for my delta 1010 and find it won't let me open the program. get a text message about "not finding cubase resources 4.0". which also is the same message that comes up when i try to open the cubase vst program that was also on the harddrive when i bought it.
    should i try to put all the cubase stuff in the trash and start over? i don't want to lose my other programs that are working. (i can't afford to replace'em)
    much appreciated, valkyrie - that bc girl.
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    You won't get much help here when you've got problem with illegal stuff. Wipe yur drice clean and startover with bought software.
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    Jul 2, 2002
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    Most of us here at RO are real straight shooters when it comes to this kind of stuff. I think the problem you're having with the Cubase is because you don't have the Cubase key needed to operate it. This is a dongle that plugs into the printer port of your computer. Like Eskimo suggested. Wipe the drive and do a clean install of the OS. Then go buy some software. Cracked versions of audio software can be problamatic .... ya gets what ya pays for! Fats
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    Looks like Cubase is looking for a file it can't find. Have you installed any new software or done any directory maintenence lately?

    You do have all the software install disks and registration #'s, right? ;)

    A clean install would be a last resort, but at least it's not as big a pain as a PC. This handy little app makes the whole process a breeze.

    What system maintenence software are you using? Not Norton I hope....... :eek:
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    Sep 10, 2000
    Guys ... where are your manners?
    VALKYRIE! WELCOME TO RECORDING.ORG! I hope you find our site to be a major assett to your computing and recording arsenal.
    You really should have put this thread in the Mac forum, but no harm done at all. This is mainly a peecee forum, but most of the guys here are proficient at both platforms.
    Okay, first of all, the software came in the purchased computer, so I'm not going to preach at you about "pirated" software, because it's not. IMO, if the previous owner didn't take that stuff off the computer before he sold it to you, then one would logically assume that the software in question was intended to be included in the purchase. The only problem, therefore, is that you obviously didn't receive the original disks and documentation, which you should-have. If I were you, the FIRST thing I would do is get in touch with the person who sold you the Mac and ask him for the disks and docs. If you no longer know how to contact the original owner, or if he no longer has those disks and docs, don't worry. It's easy to back-up anything and everything that you don't want to lose before doing a fresh install. If it's just a matter of needing codes then, they can be "gotten", but you're on your own for doing that. (Yeah, yeah, I know you guys are gonna give me grief for saying that ... I can see the quoted replies already. Tough. LOL)
    I highly recommend the fresh install. It really should have been done when you first purchased it. You have no way of knowing what he may have done to it. This will give you a fresh start, then you can install the programs that YOU want on it, WHERE you want them. Everything will then be nice and tidy, and will run optimally.
    For this sort of an inquiry, you really should have given us a bit more info about your computer system. Please answer the following so that we can help you further and better...
    * Which G4? You said a "2000". Hmmm ... so I assume it's probably a 400, 450, or 500 (?). How much RAM? Which OS version?
    * Harddrive info ... What size harddrive is in it? Is it partitioned into smaller drives? Do you have a second harddrive for your audio apps yet?
    * You're "doing audio", so I assume you have a CD burner (?).
    This is why we need the info...
    If you don't have either a CD burner, a second HDD, or multiple partitions on a single HDD, then you have nowhere to backup your files for a fresh install. If you don't have any of these, then being an audio engineering student, I'm sure you know that you need them. Here's what you'll want...

    Plextor CDRW @ Newegg

    WD 80Gb Special Edition

    Once you have either or (hopefully) both of these, simply transfer-over the files that you want to keep. If you happen to have the compressed installation files for those irreplaceable apps, then that would of course be optimal. Otherwise, you'll have to make sure that you transfer all of the "parts" of those apps. Also, don't forget to transfer your accumulated Simple Text docs, wallpapers, icons, fonts, sound sets, clipart, and anything else that you want to keep.
    Once you're POSITIVE that you've transfered everything that you want to keep to CD or to another HDD, it's time to format and partition that primary HDD.
    Depending on the size of your HDD, and your personal preference, you may want to make multiple partitions. I HIGHLY recommend that, especially for doing audio, but there are others who do not. It's up to you. So rather than going into that now, I'll wait for you to post your response before proceeding further.
    OH! ALSO ... with a Mac, you don't need any system maintenance software other than what came with the OS. If it's on there, get rid of it. Also, I don't recommend using ANY anti-virus software on a Mac. Some will disagree with that, but IMO using anti-virus on a Mac is for people with extreme cases of unwarranted paranoia. I've been running my G4-400 (MY AUDIO MACHINE!) on the internet almost daily for three years without anti-virus and without a single problem. However, I'll also note that once I have Linux installed on my main peecee (dual boot with XP Pro), it will be my only internet machine. Once I have the peecee ready to go, my G4 is getting a total info overhaul ... format, re-partitioning, reinstallation of OS 9.2.2, installation of Mandrake Linux 8.2 PPC, and reinstallation of all of my other software. Once that is done, my G4 will only go on the internet for updating. No more surfing for "Maxx".
    So, again, welcome to RO. We'll be awaiting your next post to help you further.

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