The LA-4 and Modifying your Gear

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  1. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I've decided to look for an LA-4 on eBay. Yes, the LA-3As are better, and using an LA-2A is akin to getting a back rub from the Lord Almighty, but I'm getting the project mixed out of house, and I only need to get good sounds to tape (that is, DAW); the mixing issues can be done with someone else's kick-ass outboard gear later, while actually mixing.

    Still, just in case we have some vocals that are *particularly* dynamic, and mic technique doesn't solve the entire problem, I want a great comp to help us out.

    All of that is to ask this: I'm most likely getting a LA-4. I've heard about some good mods for the LA-4, ones that boast dramatic improvement over an already good piece of gear, making it sound--dare I say it--great.

    Has anyone here actually *had* a mod done to an LA-4? If so, what were your results? Have you heard a modified LA-4? What are your experiences with modifiying gear in general?

    Thanks for your help.
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    You'll probably get the most accurate answers to that question from Steve Albini at or Bob Alach (who does LA-4 mods) at
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    Nov 13, 2001
    I do it myself
    I do mod gear
    but I tend to make gear more than the above

    simple mod might be to replace the old and dry electrolytic capacitors
    replace the op-amps in the signal path with better faster ones.

    I choose to keep the RC4136 in the side chain cos I prefer it ... many don't

    see JLM Audio for an IC adapter to TL074 or 2 x NE5532.htm

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