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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Joe Hayes, Jun 30, 2001.

  1. Joe Hayes

    Joe Hayes Guest

    I have been using DP for about four
    years now and have noticed something strange, It seems that DP users differ from Logic users. Logic users seem to be the hip musicians or producers where DP users are often Composers, Arrangers ect.....The Logic web site has full blown interviews with artist and producers talking about how great Logic is. What do the rest of you think???????
  2. natan666

    natan666 Guest

    at any rate, MOTU should show show off their "pro" clientel on their website, composer, hipster boy-band producer or whatever. look at digidesign's "pro" clout. even cubase, which is a bloated toy, has high profile musicians backing their product. granted, steinberg financially towers over MOTU, but the two "celebrity" interviews on must looks somewhat unimpressive to the uneducated viewer compared to Moby or Nine Inch Nails. this isn't necessarily my view on the subject, but as far as market share, the potential consumer wants to hear what Digital Performer can do for them from an "expert".
  3. natan666

    natan666 Guest

    is that what you were asking?
  4. Joe Hayes

    Joe Hayes Guest

    I was just trying to make a general observation concerning DP’s publicity vs. Logic.I personally don’t care what all the
    “ Rock Stars “ are using but it is wired how certain programs get pimped out to certain parts of the industry. This business is so driven by pier pressure and whats cool this week .
  5. Bryson

    Bryson Guest

    MOTU is an American company, while Emagic and Steinberg are "Euro Dude".
  6. natan666

    natan666 Guest

    im all against good companies whoring themselves out, but i do think that a potential DP owner would feel more confident in his/her purchase if MOTU had in-depth interviews with more of its clientel (not necessarily rock stars, just talented producers). personally i hate radio music more than i could possibly relate to you in this forum, but sometimes my mouth waters when i hear the caliber of production that goes into a 3-minute pop song.
    and MOTU is a company after all, and if the products are going to improve, they need to make cash, which means they need exposure. thankfully, they have done this right, by satisfying their loyal consumer base and gradually expanding like they have been. and thank god there has never been a move to windows. this would be a true tragedy.
  7. Originally posted by Bryson:
    MOTU is an American company, while Emagic and Steinberg are "Euro Dude".

    so, what does it means, exactly??

  8. Actually a lot of pro's do use DP, but as stated by someone in another post MOTU doesn't whore themselves like Logic etc. I recently read a snipet that Aerosmith used MOTU gear for their last album. Like them or not the celeb market isn't much bigger than them. Another item to consider is that DP is a pure Mac software program and porting to PC has been theorized recently in other forums as a possible hazard siting other companies that tried to and went bust. It is my understanding through a friend (logic user) that Logic actually recomends a pc setup with their package....soooo how many p c users are there and how many Mac users....Personally I love my MOTU rig and it would take a LOT for me to change, like MOTU closing down.

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