The Musician's Guide to Home Recording

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by bgavin, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. bgavin

    bgavin Guest

    I ponied up the cash for this book from the Recommended Books list on this board.

    I am volunteering myself to be the complete newbie lab rat. It will be interesting to see if the How-To sections of this book are effective on complete newbs.
  2. TACurtis

    TACurtis Guest

    Cool. Keep us posted, Bruce.
  3. bgavin

    bgavin Guest

    The book is in the UPS truck as of this writing.

    I've accumulated (8) SM57, (2) ATM25, (2) SM58, and a pair of SM81 clones, for live performance recording with an Aardvark Q10 and XP based DAW. I've got a bid on an AT4040 but doubt I will get it for the low bid price.

    After I digest the book, I have an ongoing date to use my daughter's band AROARAH as the lab rat. I'm going into this adventure as an experienced musician, and zero experience recordist.
  4. TACurtis

    TACurtis Guest

    After your initial mixdown, I recommend putting it up in the critiquing forum for comment. I'm not aware of anyone posting a live mix there, although there could be some I don't know about.

    It would be really interesting to get some diverse POV's and suggestions -- unless you nail it perfectly the first time, which would irritate me no end. ;) :p
  5. bgavin

    bgavin Guest

    I read the book cover to cover and yellow highlighted all the salient points. The book is heavily dated with the constant focus on 4-track tape recorders.

    That aside, I felt I got my money's worth with the lucid explanations of basic operations and micing methods. I need to start completely at the bottom, and this book was fine for that.

    The next book I'd like to find is a very good one on Sonar XL 2.2. I will post more to this thread as I put the techniques into practice and see how they work out.
  6. kevinwhitect

    kevinwhitect Kev Active Member

    Apr 15, 2003
    In a chair in front of a computer screen
    Home Page:
    Your use of Sonar is a good sign...

    You are on the right path.


  7. teej813

    teej813 Guest

    I'm following this with interest. Thanks for your efforts, Bruce.

  8. bgavin

    bgavin Guest

    I have two ATM25, a bucket full of SM57s, a pair of SDC overheads, and a single AT4040 for studio-only voice recording.

    The microphone accumulation is nearly complete. I'd like to find a 3rd ATM25, so I'm waiting for a pawnshop sale to end on eBay.

    The next step is completing and racking the DAW. I have a nice ABit board, XP-2000 processor, and 512mb of Crucial DDR ready to assemble on a Windows XP/SP1 platform. I'm in the computer business, so it is just a question of getting off my lazy butt and putting it together.

    The mic interface is a pair of Rane MLM series preamps, each with 4 channels of Burr-Brown preamps. For now, this will cascade into a single Aardvark Q10. I'd like to add a second Q10, but that is down the road, and will have to wait until this project makes a go of itself.

    My daughter's band, and my own, are the guinea pigs for honing my recording chops. I'm going to try the setups outlined in the Home Recording book. For drums, I'm much more inclined to try the RecorderMan technique first.

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