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    Hey all, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but I think this will interest more people on this board than any of the others.

    I was over on The Recording Revolution today and read a post by Graham called "Embracing the Pro Tools Generation." The post isn't that long, so I won't do you all the disservice of trying to sum it up in my own words, but he touches on the "everything done in the box" vs the "you need that true analog sound" discussion (mac or pc anybody???) that I feel like never ends.

    Embracing The Pro Tools Generation » The Recording Revolution
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    It's all a matter of personal preference. Are you wearing boxers or jockeys? Which is best? I like nylon panties with a cotton crotch. I'm not all that big on the cotton panties. They stain too easily. What do you suggest?

    I am an Altschuler (maiden name) and technically I'm also an Altschuler (equipment that I have and the style in which I work). Sure, I've got ProTools (M-Box crappy version). I only got it because people kept on calling me and asking me if I had it. I actually prefer Adobe Audition a.k.a. Cool Edit Pro & Sony Vegas. I actually prefer purpose built recorders for my work. Not some computer thingy that could crash. Many of us work in a hybrid manner. Some are all ITB others are all OTB and then there are us schizophrenic types. No I'm not! Yes I am! Go away or I will call the FBI on you. On me? Yeah, you. (Struggle ensues)

    See what I mean? Who am I this person?
    Mx. Remy Ann David
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    I read between the lines so often give it back that way.

    So many articles like this and so many people chiming in agreeing in favour of 100% ITB. This makes me happy because I like to be different. And because of that, I have always had work ( touch wood).
    Which ever way you look at it, things different stand out in a busy crowd or crowed mix. The key is knowing how to fit in but having just the right amount of flare so you aren't overpowering.
    DAW's are affordable and this is a good thing. Its stimulating the recording industry and in today's economy, its keeping it going, including the old school engineers that cannot survive paying rent for large consoles, hardware and space anymore. So they support what they are using of course, which is part of our sad economic situation. I don't quite buy all the support for ITB.

    Video killed the Radio and the DAW killed the big studio, musicians and all that goes with organic performances. But this isn't necessarily a good or bad thing, its a new world evolving and it will balance out in time. When there is too much of one way, the opposite becomes attractive.
    So its not surprising why its growing and its also not surprising that its also doing a great job as a recording solution.

    Of course we can record everyone on the planet ITB!
    But the real reason I use both worlds is not covered in the article or ever mentioned by users that support 100% ITB. The writer is missing the mark why both worlds are better than just one way.

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