The right way to go about contacting studios/venues for work?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Psilodigm, Aug 25, 2010.

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    I've recently just finished my college course and have decided to differ for a year until I attend university. In this gap year I aim to gain as much experience (professional & voluntary) as I possibly can. But having never approached commercial studios yet I'm not quite sure of the things to say and not to say...

    So I ask the big cheese cutters here for advice on contacting venues & studios, if you'd care to assist me?

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    Look for intern positions listed on different boards... including here.

    Work on your resume', and include a paragraph of the above; explaining that you are looking for a full 1 year internship, and why.

    ...and if you REALLY cannot make a good pot of coffee... DON'T LIE and say you can!
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    I would start by grabbing a list of all music venues - to save you having to wade through search results for hours and hours grabbing email addresses. Then work out what motivates a venue to say yes (money & personal obligations - ie. if they're recommended by someone they trust) then work around those things. Here are some tips I put in a blog post on convincing music venue promoters to say yes.

    I you're UK based then here's a list of UK music venues. I'm not sure about a US equivalent one!

    Hope that helps,

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