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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by pan, Aug 28, 2001.

  1. pan

    pan Guest

    I wrote:

    How do you use logic, if you do it at all - as sequencer or more as tape-machine style recording tool? Or is logic just sitting in your studio to offer compatibility?

    Charles Di Pinto
    posted August 18, 2001 01:55 PM

    Hi there,

    Perhaps Logic users are just highly busy people?

    Maybe we could introduce ourselves, start the Logic Family...

    Of course, I'm a logic user, and have been since the days of Notator on an Atari. That's over ten years now. And over that
    time, I've had a chance to use alot of programs, like cubase vst, cakewalk, pro tools (tdm)and samplitude.

    Logic is basically the centerpiece for everything I do. Without it, projects would take me 10x the time they do now.

    I work with the musical styles that Logic, imo, is best suited for: electronic, hip hop and alt rock. It's my sequencer and audio

    I currently live in Brazil (although I'm from the States) where Logic is somewhat popular. I'm kinda paranoid about how I like
    to use the program (with and autoload and .prf file on floppy always with me when I travel), so I'm not sure I'd be getting
    alot out of this forum if it becomes, exclusively, a "use logic better" clinic. But firsthand info about new releases, reports on
    different hardware setups (how about a laptop LAW with the tascam usb thingee?) and patch swapping (es1 and plug ins)
    could all be very fun.

    I run my LAW with a MOTU 24i, and although I'm not particularly fond of the way they integrate, the MOTU converters a
    pleasing, and I can get 24 simultaneous tracks on record. Not that I have ever had to do this in a work scenario. I also have
    an old audiowerk on my home system.

    What systems do other people use out there? Do you like them? Why or why not?

    Take care...

    Charles Di Pinto

    pan :

    posted August 18, 2001 02:13 PM

    Hi Charles, thank you for your reply

    I don't think, that logic users are more busy than users of Protools or Cubase, are we? Or do we just work 10 times more
    than them?

    I started off with Creator on Atari and a Sequential Studio440 MPC-like sequencer and sampleplayer. And with the Unitor, I
    achieved really good sync to tape. I made the switch to logic on mac, when 3.5 was released and I really had to hold back
    hence the multitude of possible tracks really got me away from focussing. In the meantime, LAP supports so many
    audiotracks, that I record most of the tracks directly into logic. I sometimes have it synced to a 24 Track by a timemachine,
    that also syncs the desk automation, but the basic setup is to run it as master MIDI-audio sequencer - be it in an editing
    booth with an Audiowerk/2408 or in the mix on a TDM system.

    keep it coming


    How about you?
  2. Monty

    Monty Guest


    I am using Logic silver 4.0 I have it locked to my VS 1880.I am using a basic midi keyboard controler and a Roland JV 1010 sound module.It is a very cool setup for a home studio and I am excited about learning the "deep level" uses of Logic.I mostly record Blues music but I am getting into "alternitve rock."I am also interested in Jungle music and plan on recording some hip hop artists so I will really need to learn how to use Logic.

    by the way I love this forum.

    Monty Neese

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