The "Secrets" of Mixing ITB

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by mchimes, Jan 22, 2005.

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    As a home recordist who has resigned himself to working with the benefits and limits of the DAW alone (i.e. no console, external summing or busing), I am always looking for ways to maximize the sound quality of the music I make.

    I have noticed a common notion among the experienced, that very good sounds can be made and (from there) maintained in the digital domain alone. But there always seems to be caveats attached to such statements like:

    . . . if you understand how to mix ITB
    . . . if you gain stage properly in the plug-ins
    . . . if you know the differences between analog and digital
    . . . if you know where the "VERY small sweetspot is in PT"
    . . . if you know how the digital mixing bus works
    . . . etc.

    So I'm wondering, specifically, how YOU approach mixing ITB? (or would approach it if you weren't hindered by that $600,000 Neve console :)

    How is it different in practice/theory for you than analog mixing?

    What do you pay more/less attention to ITB?

    "How much harder do you have to work?"

    What are your "secrets?"

    Looking forward to your thoughts,
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