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    wanting to know if theres any tricks to getting really thick saturated hi hat sounds like what you hear on metal songs in particular metallica(nothing else matters) ive tried micing the hats (top- bottom) in addition to the overheads but nothing close so far. what other tricks should i try doubling tracks? pitch shifting and adding? am i the only one that notices the hats have a very thick distinct sound? i just dont think its coming from the room or the mics or positioning. extreme compression maybe?
  2. Try some distortion- reamp the hats or use an amp plug-in, or rerecord it through a crappy PA. David
  3. The drummer's playing style obviously makes a difference as well.
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    Oct 5, 2000
    I've been addicted to the LA2A on hats for the last couple years. For a long time I never would have even thought about it, but the dark color you get from the LA2A is just GREAT on Hat's for thickness IME.

    I usually mic my hats with a shure SM81. The AD MP-2 will give you a great thickness especially with the LA2A.
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    its almost like lars is using mallets or something but i know its not.its not his playing or style definetly some kind of deliberate processing.
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    Use old hi-hat cymbals. Old Zildjians from the 1960s or 1970s work best. Make sure they're dirty and green - I'm serious. They give a nice weighty tone.

    Also: make sure they're big. I just got a pair of 15" Zildjian Rock Hi-Hats from the early seventies, and though you can't hit them hard (you have to massage them), they're VERY thick and dark. I paid only $100, too.

    Of course, you to be very careful with separation - see the cymbals vs. drums thread.

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