Thinking About Replacing Event ASP 8s

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by Suntower, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I've had Event ASP 8's for prox. 5 years in the same too small control room (prox. 11' w x 13' depth).

    And despite tons of treatment and analysis I have never been happy.

    I understand the physics well enough to know that there's only so much one can do. The biggest thing is that there will -always- be a null @ 85hz. The room is just not deep enough. And my mix position will -always- necessitate that I move my chair back 2 feet to really evaluate things. OK, I live with it.

    But I've now started to think that the monitors may be too much for the room---perhaps I'd do better with something smaller. I got them for their bass response, but after I realised that the -room- is the limiting factor, that became kinda irrelevant.

    And I get the feeling that the -imaging- on them isn't as good as some. It's sometimes harder to hear left/right details than I think it should be... unless I'm in -exactly- the right spot.

    I dunno how they've aged, but at one time ASP 8s were -very- well thought of so perhaps I can sell them to someone who needs a bigger sound and get something smaller (non-ported) that better fits the room. (I have heard Adams that sounded -great- ,,, albeit not in my room of course.)

    Am I barking up the wrong tree?


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    Feb 8, 2012
    Hi TIA,

    i been using the ASP 8's for a bout 5 years also and i just remodel my studio and acoustic. I have a 16 x 25 x 8 room and i had the focal twins and adam A8X to shoot out against ASP 8's and the ASP 8's kick both speakers butt. Now i the sound i can get out of ASP 8's is to have them around 8' apart with great imaging. I keep my ASP 8's and sold the focal twins and adam A8X. I tried the ASP 8's close on the desk' on stands close, on stands 3' - 7' but when i move them 8' apart and 8' from me in like a midfield position the speakers took on a whole new life. I never heard the ASP 8's sound this good in the 5 years i have had them
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    Before i spent a penny, i'd download a free analysis program like room-eq-wizard, or whatever, to find out what's going on, but it sounds like you are aware of the null, jw how ya know.
    That said, my mackie hr828's were displaying annoying bass response in my former (treated/bass trapped) room of your's dimensions, which had a 7'4 ceiling.
    Lived w/ it by trial and error. (Get it were it sounds 'good', then dial low end setting back 2 or 3db) Moving them to a bigger 12x26x7'4 room made them much easier. It was just the wrong speakers for the room, which couldn't be altered much more than it was.
    I tried my buddy's alesis m1 mk2's in the smaller room and they had a more real-world response, so i think that looking into 6" low drivers is a good idea, even tho the m1 cabs were ported. If you have the credit/time, i'd buy a few of your favs, perhaps demo models or open box, and try them in your room for a couple weeks, and return the sets that don't work as well. After all that's were there gonna be listened to. I settled on the mackies after purchasing some yamaha hsm 8's.

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