This Broken My AKG C12?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by luis_mendez, Aug 26, 2010.

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    Hello Friends, I need a favor, never before have had experience with the AKG C12 and a few months ago my partner decided to buy one: the point is that since his arrival, guiding me from what I have heard about this mic is bright and crystal supposedly (back and I repeat, I am not aware, I'm told) but this sounds kinda say fat, yesterday a friend who has had experience recording with this mic your voice tells me it sounds strange and opaque and it most likely is that defective.

    Before I go with that if it is a pirated version, I say no, it was purchased in: Samash, personally by my boss.

    Here 's three shots that I have done for this microphone:

    Carlos C12 3124.wav Carlos C12 3124.wav
    Carlos C12 6176.wav Carlos C12 6176.wav
    Carlos C12 ISA428.wav Carlos C12 ISA428.wav

    Everything was recorded as follows:

    DIGI003 with ProTools LE 8.03 cs2 recording at 48 kHz 24-Bit via adat
    AKG C12: pad 0, Filter Lin, cardioid polar pattern (12 o'clock) with anti-pop filter
    Universal Audio 6176: Mic 2.0K, Gain 0, no pad, Level 7, no eq, +48 off, so join with the section of the bypass in 1176, entering the ISA428 converter.
    api 3124 +: Mic, no pad, Gain at 10 o'clock. entering ISA428 converter with softlimit disconnected. entering ISA428 converter
    ISA428: Mic, +48 off, Gain on 30, Trim at 10 o'clock, inpedance in ISA 110. entering the ISA428 converter

    In all cases marked levels between -42 db to -12 db on the meters of the ISA428 Digital Option with softlimit disconnected
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    Oct 31, 2005
    Vancouver, BC, Canada
    It sounds fine to me. It's not particularly open sounding but it's warm like a tube mic should be.
  3. luis_mendez

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    Ok, "Muchas Gracias!"

    Gracias por la respuesta. Ahora en cual de los tres preamplificadores, suena como deberia de ser?, tomando en cuenta que lo quiero usar para grabar voces. pregunto esto debido a que yo llegue a un punto de no retorno con este microfono (me es indiferente, sea como sea); pero por otra parte, tener 5000$ para solamente rooms (que es donde he podido usarlo y que me guste el resultado) es duro. si pudiera escuchar tomas limpias de otro ejemplar de este microfono seria ideal, para poder descartar.
  4. luis_mendez

    luis_mendez Guest

    Thanks for the reply. Now which of the three preamps, it sounds like it should be?, Considering that what I use for recording vocals. I ask this because I get to a point of no return with this microphone (I do not care, either way), but on the other hand, having only $ 5,000 for rooms (which is where I could use and I like the result ) is hard. if he could hear shots clear of another copy of this microphone would be ideal in order to rule.

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