This is what I have, this is what I am doing, suggestions?

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  1. This is the address of my myspace music page,

    If you think it will help to hear what I am trying to do, and if you just want me to tell you, it's a little sleepy psyche project I am working on. The recordings DO NOT make me happy. I like to fuse synths drum machines acoustics and clean electrics mainly, also very sparse vocals, (i do record a lot of vocals for other projects though and I would greatly appreciate suggestions there too if you have any), and up to now I won't even mention what I have been using to record the vocals, but it is minimalist at best.

    Here is what I am trying to make sound good:
    Larivee acoustic
    Epiphone hollow body played through a vintage fender twin reverb
    A classical
    A korg electribe drum machine with tubes
    A korg triton extreme with tubes

    Here is what I am recording on:
    Garageband, obviously a Mac, I have a tascam digital midi interface, and a cheap large diaphragm condenser mic.

    Should I get logic? What kind of mics do I need to think about getting? The tube feel seems to get a little lost, what would help? The triton's piano settings come out very bassy, there is no equalizer in garage band, should I get an equalizer? What kind? Maybe a tube preamp eq combo?

    I have read all of the forums and I am still not sure. I listened to Moonbaby and looked on ebay for the Aphex 107. Ok well what do ya think?

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