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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by tyzoo, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. tyzoo

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    Sorry if theres a correct forum for this.


    I am 15 years old. I hope to be a full time studio engineer and a live sound (man........???? lol sorry..)

    This is my current setup: (its all crap)

    Behringer UB2442FX Mixer
    Fostex MR8 8 track recorder
    Peavey 2000 Escort PA
    Shure PG Drum Mics
    And alot of other cheap stuff..


    Some one i knew (not very well) was selling some live sound gear.
    It was 2 Carvin 1562 - 15" Dual 2-way 600W Loudspeakers ($359.99/Each New) and 1 Carvin DCM2000 - 2000W Power Amp ($499.99/Each New)

    For all of this used equiptment it will be $1000.00.
    Not sure of the condition but they are about 3 years old (guessing)


    Is this a wise decision on my behalf to buy these, or am I going to waist all the hard earned money I have been saving for over a year now? (this includes not attending social activities where admission was manditory. [had to add that, haha])

    So please tell me if you think I should or shouldn't, is it going to be better for me, is there a better deal for 1000$ and not much more, please post anything!
  2. Vince Jaeger

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  3. tyzoo

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    ok, But please keep this here so some one can help me out
  4. Kurt Foster

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    Jul 2, 2002
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    Does the system sound good to you? If so then go for it.

    Carvin is generally not considered to be the best ... not even as good as some Peavey gear. But it is affordable. I like the speaker systems better than the power amps myself. I purchased a Carvin power amp to drive monitors (the one with the graphic eq built in) and it was one of the weirdest sound power amps I ever heard. It's had to discribe what the problem was ... it sounded "tubby" with no sense of presence or solid mid range. Not muffled or a lack of highs ... just not "solid" sounding. Overall it was just weird sounding. I have never heard any other amp sound like that. Not before or since.

    But ymmv. I advise you to use your ears and make your desicion based on what you hear.
  5. Vince Jaeger

    Vince Jaeger Guest

    I'll comment on the carvin power amp as I've used a carvin1500 for my guitar rig for quite awhile. Its been very reliable for what I use it for.

    They generate alot of heat but will keep working through extreme coniditions... Reviews on their site mention 2ohm louds in 96 degree/100% humidity or something of the like, and no failure.

    I'd try to get him down to $800-900.
  6. JoeH

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    Vince, I admire and respect the fact that you're already well on the way to knowing what your career choice is going to be. You're already miles ahead of those around you who are wondering how soon they can get the newest Sony Playstation.

    As for the gear you want, my question is why do you want to buy this stuff? Studio use? Live sound reinforcement? I mean, will you be using it to record with, or live sound with a band (your own) or will you be hiring it out on gigs? (No offense here, but at 15, you will probably need help - parents? - getting it to/from gigs.) Which is not a reason NOT to buy it, just a forethought.

    If you're considering doing live sound for hire, is there enough work in your immediate area to warrant this?

    At your age, you do have the opportunity to have flat-out FUN with some stuff, and learn as you go. (Therefore, I can't say DO or DONT buy stuff....) You're in a unique situation in that your choices won't mean making or not making the rent next month, so return on your investment may not be the primary reason to buy or not buy.

    Perhaps you're buidling up your studio and expanding your available gear for hire or use by yourself. It never hurts to have a basic system for everyday gigs, and normal recording tasks. But unless you've got lots of potential work lined up, don't make the mistake of buying gear that wont pay for itself just because it's sexy. (Do as I SAY, not as I've done! Hahahaha)

    Remember that if you get a gig that requires more stuff than you have, you can always RENT it if you have to. It's a fine line between always having the biggest, latest and greatest gear, and having enough stuff to do a gig reliably each time out, while renting the few extra pieces you need from time to time.

    I don't do much live sound work at all these days, but when I do, I'll rent anything I need beyond my normal rig. (Live shows with lots of lav mics come to mind; there's no return in it for me to have more than 2 wireless mic systems at any given time, so when I have to do a big show with more than 2 wireless systems, I'll rent 'em and ad into the budget. I may not net as much in the end, but I'm not forced to keep several racks of hi-end wireless mics onhand IN CASE I get a call for them. (That kind of thing is for the rental companies to sort out!)

    What you've listed is B or C grade live PA gear - fine for rough and tumble bands at clubs, rehearsal spaces, etc., but not something you want for your home studio.

    Finally, the fact that it's used and selling for so cheap is a red flag to me as well. Again, it's probably fine for a knock-around rehearsal space or corner bar, but beyond that, get someone to check it out with you extensively before plunking down any heard-earned cash. (And, um.....are your parents onboard with you spending that size a sum of cash? Just curious....)
  7. Vince Jaeger

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    Hey its tyzoo's thread, reply to him. :p
  8. jbeutt

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    You could find way better deals on craigslist. Just make sure you inspect and test first.
  9. BeatAddik

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    Hey Ty,

    A famous dj named 45 king said, "It's not what you have, it how you use!" Good Luck!!

  10. tyzoo

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    Well thanks for all the input every one..

    The questions of the hour, what is it for...

    I want to start producing shows with a nice loud PA system for small clubs and bars. I have done a few with about (don't laugh) 4 cheap PAs. (.. there is a story)

    Me and my 3 friends were in different bands and we all had cheap PAs for our basements, and band practice. We all got togeather after they broke up to create the ultimate band (at local shows we were the youngest bands there, untill now there is tons of younger bands) But it didnt quite work out and we broke up. Still friends and all we say it would be cool to put some shows on. So we go to the Bar and ask for a show. Book it with 5 bands. Show comes up its time .... show gets cancelled because of a huge sudden blizzard (lol) .... now its next week and the show is on and with my Mixer it is weird like i have to mess with some knobs and buttons for the music to come out of the main outs. The bands were being forced to start and the last thing we could do (couldnt figure out the problem in a few mins) was to put 2 1/4" out of the 2 headphone inputs and 2 1/4" out of the controll room outs (it was a damn mess. HAHA) there was feed back. we had the other ends of all the 1/4" into the powerd mixers that came with the 4 PA's. Yeah so thats the end of the story....

    Back to why i want to get them.

    I realy need to start doing some learning on how mixers work and how to get the finest sound out of it into a power amp then out speakers. I need to practice doing it loud with out clipping, all that. I wanna know how my mixer functions with speakers and what it can do with speakers.

    If this all goes as planed i will get some new mics and a rack and some EQ and a CD Recorder and give all the bands at shows live cds.'

    As for the question are My parents are aware of this.

    Yes they are and they say that its my money to spend and if i waist it its not their fault. This is why I am here.. I want to know if its a wise choice on my behalf to get them or is there something better to get with the money.

    Again thanks for all the input
  11. tyzoo

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    Hey all.. there is some more info about the speakers:

    The diaphrams on the compression drivers are new and so are the crossovers.

    Only 1 speaker had the problem, but both were replaced

    Comes with 2 speakon cords SP-50

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