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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by boheme6, Aug 30, 2004.

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    Posted this in another thread, but it got missed.. so here it is again!

    Can each section of the Thorax be accessed separately, ala the Origin and Quartet? Can a pair of Thorax (Thoraxes.. Thoraxi?) be connected to use the compressors as a stereo pair?

    Also - can the EQ be swapped to go after the compressor.

  2. boheme6

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    Ignore the stereo compressor part of my post.. I see that was answered already.
  3. boheme6

    boheme6 Guest

    did I ask something bad? or does nobody know the answer yet?
  4. mikE@THECAVE

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    well hes probably surprized you want to use it in another configuration.look at his website and you can see the scematic on the thorax maybe that will tell you
  5. Sebatron

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    Dec 22, 2002
    Hey !!!! :shock:
    Sorry beheme6 ..... got a bit sidetracked....

    Yes ,, both mic pre and comp have seperate in/outs so you can use each half for seperate processing etc.

    Yes ,, via a couple of options.....
    One method is via the external key input ( sidechain input) which controls the attenuation cell in the compressor.Another method on the Blue THORAX is via the external C.V input which can link up any number of units.All parameters are added together in the C.V context rather than one unit acting as the Master..... although this operation is possible as well. Ratio is not linked.

    Yes but you'd be going through the mic pre as well.There is enough flexibility in the pre to accept heavy line signals and remain transparent enough so as to not impose any colour.
    The E.Q points are on the extremities of the audio spectrum ,,, sweet tops and solid lows.The THORAX commits you to these areas ( up to 108 recallable E.Q combinations ) so you get it right on the way in.If you feel you need to poke around the middle a bit- try a different mic..... 8)

    What works with the THORAX is the fact that it has an identity or character that is musical.It will add a bit of spice to a signal that may otherwise appear bland and difficult to work with when recorded through an alternate preamp.Most of this may well be due to the self-compressing characteristics of the circuitry.
    Edges seem to be rounded off and the psycho-acoustic relevant frequencies are enhanced.... and in some cases can be exagerated for some pretty trippy effects.
    Bass , Vocals ..drums and guitars and keys and xylophone or whatever are seriously an adventure to record with this gem..... as they are with many flexible channel strips ...
    At the very least it's an alternative to Yoga. :!:
  6. boheme6

    boheme6 Guest

    Thanks for the reply!
    It's on my short list of channel strips for my new vocal chain.
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