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    Dec 22, 2002
    There will be pics posted on the site in the coming weeks , as well as specs data and various samples.
    We've kept a low key on this one just to sort out some final assembly and design issues.
    The results have been well worth the wait. :tu:

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    Dec 22, 2002
    Preamp: :cool:

    The preamp consists of an expanded VMP series circuit with adjustable colour control as well as a three way pad. The colour control increases gain from small ( 2db ) increments to a wider ( 32db ) increment when fully clockwise. This six-way colour parameter controls negative feedback around the first voltage valve gain stage allowing the user to select a wide range of textures and flavours.This control also works in conjunction with a ‘pad’ toggle that enables the user to interface the unit with many different sound sources and microphones without any major loading on either the microphone or input transformer…. Leading to an accurate exchange of energy between the two and consequently quieter operation.
    Voltages are all full high tension ( at least +300 vdc ) which benefits bandwidth, dynamic range and gain. Phantom power for full current demand is supplied via another toggle switch located on the front panel.
    The D.I input is suitable for electric guitars , Basses and keyboards with the amount of gain easily accessable through careful useage of the colour and pad parameters.These also enable correct loading of all elements.

    E.Q : :cool:

    The E.Q network is governed by two six-way selector switches that operate in the extremities of the bandwidth. Frequencies up to and including 40khz can easily be boosted with the ‘ air ‘ selector without sounding harsh or ‘ unreal ‘.Similarly frequencies in the lower spectrum are easily contoured by the ‘ deep ‘ control which operates from the 300hz region downwards.
    There is an E.Q in/out switch as well which totally removes all the E.Q circuitry from the audio path so the signal remains pure and constant if it is so desired.The E.Q network is configured around the ‘ pad ‘ toggle selector to attain an even wider range of colours and textures…. many which are unavailable on most other units.The passive network enables distortion and phase free signals to be passed without colouration or sonic deterioration.

    Compressor: :cool:

    The THORAX compressor is based around a classic totally optically driven attenuation circuit that imposes no artefacts on the pure audio.
    All parameters are adjustable: Attack , Release , Ratio and Threshold.
    These time constants are accessable and expandable upon through the attack/release range toggle switch located on the front panel. This compressor can also be keyed or driven by a side-chain audio signal that is injected via the TRS ‘key’ input socket located on the rear back panel.
    Provisions are also made for a control voltage signal of 0 to +15 vdc to drive the compressor if so required. This is selectable via the ‘control voltage ‘ toggle switch located on the front panel.
    Compression can be controlled from super fast to a slow soak , enabling quick tuning and adjustments for a huge variety of instruments ….. obviously including all drums and vocals.Guitars also come up a treat with the right settings and mixing times are considerably shortened by the attention to fine detail on the way in.

    VU Metering: :cool:

    The switchable VU metering allows the user to monitor both pre-amp and compressor levels with ease …… leaving a row of leds to indicate accurate gain reduction. The metering also has a centre-off spot so that signals can be processed to distortion without the painful site of seeing the meter slam against the side wall.

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    Sounds like a Thorax and a DAW would be a choice package for great sounding recordings. Looking forward to this one for sure Seb.

    Your VMP's are excellent.

    I'm expecting the Thorax is everything a VMP is and more. One pro channel in a box... bravo!

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    sounds nice SEb -- sounds like a sweet machine
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    Dec 22, 2002
    Thanks !
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    so would you say that the compressor can be agressive and color the sound alot?
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    Dec 22, 2002
    Yes most definately.You can crank it up to infinity and be subtle as well.
    The compression is feed-forward type where detection takes place before attenuation ( compression ).A lot of effort was put into getting the attack time constant right down so that respone for quick transient type signals was accurate.
    The compression drive switch also changes the attitude of the compression curve as well as providing gain around the aft section. :wink:
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    how about hooking up 2 units for using the compressors on the mix can it be done?
    how many tubes in the thorax?
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    Jun 22, 2003
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    Dec 22, 2002
    Yes most definately.
    As far as i know the company called 'Sebatron' usually manufacters preamps with that option.If they didn't it would be an unwise move. either using the 'c.v' link on the back ,, or by side-chainig and utilizing the keying options....

    Two 12AT7 running at full plate voltage.
    A can of baked beans for even more propellant..... :lol:

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