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  1. freaky

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    I just wanted to tell everyone that my THORAX is here and how awesome it is. It seemed like I could do no wrong with any signal I put through it. The preamp section has all that vmp color and more. It even seems that the clean settings seem cleaner than the vmp altough, that could be my imagination... The eq section is further expanded and has a "canine" setting that I love. The compressor section is amazing. Keep in mind, that untill this point, I've only had vca compressors so ymmv. I found that the comp went from "don't even know it's there" to "smack down" with ease. The compression drive switch really helps to make things mellow or aggressive. The best way I can describe this box is this: If you want things to sound like sex, use the THORAX. It can go from softly whispering in your ear in a jasmine scented room lit by candle light 8) to "Your tennis instructor didn't show up either" "I AM your tennis instructor, baby, let's get it on." :twisted: with dignity and grace. Thanks again ~Sebatron~! The THORAX will be seeing a lot of use!
  2. omaru

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    Sep 8, 2004
    Thanks freaky - anything further to add now you've had it a while?


  3. mikE@THECAVE

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    Give me Thorax or give me death :?
  4. koncept

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    Apr 6, 2005
    A little late but ...

    I just purchased one myself today. :D

    Can't wait to use it with my U87Ai

  5. mikE@THECAVE

    mikE@THECAVE Guest

    Seb, can you post a pic of the back of the Thorax unit and tell us any info on how the outputs and inputs are setup .

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