Those ozone 6 presets are the death of me....

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    Why are all of the Ozone 6 presets so aimed towards fixing eq and imaging and not at all geared towards getting decent Compression and or volume. Of course you gotta add a little air or shine to a finished mix but most of the work should be done in compression and limiting.
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    Because so many people are clueless about how to record right in the first place. Presets are for people who don't know what they're doing with the tools they have.

    Forget presets. There's no way a preset can "anticipate" your needs, or what a song requires, nor can the guy who wrote the code and programmed the preset.

    If you don't already - get to know the tools of the trade; EQ, gain reduction, etc.

    Your mixes will sound much better when you use the right tools for the right purpose and adjust their settings based upon what you determine the song needs, and doing that based upon your knowledge of how the tools work.

    Says who? And where do you get "air" out of gain reduction? "Air" is an EQ thing. Shine? What's "shine"? Are you talking about "glue"? Are you talking about "sparkle?" there's a big difference.

    And you don't "gotta" do anything that isn't required.

    If the mix sounds good, then don't start adding things just because you think you "have to" or just because you have the plugs to do that with. If it sounds good to you, then leave it alone.
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    Every recordings are unique. So should be the way we process them. To hell the presets !! ;)
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    C'mon Donny, give him a break...he's probably used to using one of those plug-in EQs' that have "Air", "Sparkle", "Shine" & "Shimmy" dials....

    - Just;)
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    But seriously....

    Presets are good for giving you a starting point, but as Donny stated, how can somebody (ie- a programmer) know what is needed in a mix post programming?
    -They aren't clairvoyant...presets are only a starting point for you as a guide for you to work - more vocal prescence, more clarity, etc, etc...

    They give you some idea as more of a heads up that you can then apply whats needed from your own mix perspective, rather than a be-all and end-all as to how to fix a mix.;)
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    But then that begs the question of what a "starting point" really is...

    What if a particular compressor preset's starting point is @ -24/6:1/A=50ms R=10 ms .... and is described/titled as "basic compression"?
    ...and you're just wanting to add a little reduction to a vocal, or an acoustic guitar?

    If you don't know what the parameters and functions of a compressor are, you would choose this "preset" and think, "well, it's labeled as "basic compression", so this must be the right preset..."

    For me, the perfect "starting point' on a compressor is a default at unity gain, and for EQ, it's "flat" ... ;)

    But, I recognize that I'm just one guy, and that perhaps I was taught differently, and under very different circumstances.
    When I was first learning this craft, there was no such thing as an EQ "preset" on an analog console.

    We had to know what gain and Q were, we had to train our ears to recognize the differences between certain bands of equalization.
    We listened to the track, and we determined what it needed.

    Gain reduction was determined by the content - knowing what threshold was, what release times meant, etc., and... using our ears as the ultimate instrument of measurement.

    Our "presets" were stored in our brains, and we'd built a library of them, based on knowledge and past experience with certain settings, and always... always used in the context of the audio content.

    But then again, in my day you could by a Corvette for $ 25 ... and I walked to and from school, 50 miles, uphill, both ways... newspapers were free and you could tie your horse ( or in my case, a donkey) right to the lamp post at the corner of 52nd and Broadway in Manhattan, at rush hour... :p

    IMHO of course.

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