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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Blial666, Feb 21, 2010.

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    Hey guys,
    I used to use this program back in the day, and I think I still have it laying around somewhere. My question is, should I bother trying to dig it up or should I just spend some cash on a different program? Although my actual tracks were recorded through the Yamaha AW16G and sounded not-so-stellar, I really liked the program when I used it years ago. I'm planning on getting a nice interface (never owned one, so I'm not sure what to get. I don't want to be limited to a handful of tracks. I'm thinking 16 would be sweet. Any suggestions?), and with that interface, my tracks should come out much better. I've done tons of research on mic placement and such, so I know my technique is adequate enough to render much higher quality tracks with the proper equipment. SO, to summarize quickly...

    1. Thoughts on Cool Edit Pro 2.1?
    2. Interface suggestions?

    Thanks for your time! I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback.
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    The DAW itself doesn't affect the quality of the recorded tracks. If you liked CE Pro back in the day then look into Adobe Audition 3.1 which is the latest generation of CE.

    Interface depends tons upon how many inputs and outputs you need, whether you need auxiliary expansion via ADAT, what type of computer connection (PCIe, 1394, usb), and whether it needs to also be a mixer. Most folks do not need a mixer and in fact that would just get in the way, but some do and there are a few decent options for those too.
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