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Three Moderators and no moderation?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by bernard carriere, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. I don't mean to be negative or anything but what's the point of having three moderators for this forum when not one of them posts regularly or appears to take any interest in what goes on in this forum. My impression was that a moderator was supposed to work to get the forum going, set the tone and provide feedback. My hats off to recorder man who appears to be moderating every forum these days but how about getting one person who takes interest in what going on in this forum ,starts new posts with interesting topics and follows up on what's going on. I guess we're going the way of the mp forum except that lately George Massenburg has been posting more than our supposed moderators.
  2. audiokid

    audiokid Chris Staff

    Mar 20, 2000
    BC, Canada
    Home Page:
    Hi my Canadian buddy. Good question :)

    I know these guys are real busy :eek: however, they do chime in and respond. They unfortunately can't be here for all the threads but I know they're trying. I can speak for Bill, he is on a very big project right now, Steve and Lee must be, like a lot of us... gearing up for Sept. Other than that..... hang in there, use the search and pass a brew during the relaxing times.

    We could always use a few more good mods. Any takers give me a PM. there's room for more.

    Hats off to RM. He is more than doing his share. :c:
  3. e-cue

    e-cue Active Member

    Oct 5, 2000
    I thought the mod's were doing a fine job. A lot of the mod's here I'm in contact with are busy out in the real world, which is great. I'd much rather see a mod that has great advice, who I respect because I know they aren't textbook engineers that can't repond everyday, vrs. some yahoo that has never aligned a tape machine and believes everything they read in Mix magazine.
  4. 20db.com

    20db.com Guest

    Bernard, your concern is admirable and I understand that you would like to see more activity. I can only speak for myself when I say I visit just about every forum here on RO. Just because I am a MOD here doesn't mean I can not contribute on other topics.

    First of all I do not like to jump into a thread where I don't feel I can add any real value. If it is a topic where I have some expertise or facts that will add to the dicussion then I eagerly throw in my .02. But I am also cautious about blabbling on and on about subjects where I have limited knowledge. I see this over and over on forums all over the net and self proclaimed experts can cause more damage than help.

    May you are right and I should stir up a little more activity on topics I find personally interesting. Again I am careful not to let my personal views or interest dominate the forum. But there are certainly some topics where I could start a few brush fires. :)

    I also agree with you about Recorderman. His is Uber-moderator. Us lowly mortals can't keep up. :D

    Thanks for the kick in the pants. Constructive feedback is always needed as long as it is given with kindness and respect. Which I believe your comments were intended.

    I have noticed that all the audio forums on the net seem to be down as far as activity. I try to make the rounds as often as possible and except for Mixermans daily soap opera there just isn't much going on.


    p.s. your post has generated some activity so see all is not lost. :tu:
  5. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Well-Known Member

    Mar 28, 2001
    you guys......
    .........and I'm always kinda feeling guilty..as in i don't come up with neat groovy top ten lists, ect. Thanks for the high five. 20db.com, e-cue, Fats, lots of you out there are bringing some good discussion here. Lets keep it up!
  6. e-cue

    e-cue Active Member

    Oct 5, 2000
    Kuuuuuuuuummmmmbyyyyyaaaaaaahhhhhhhh my friendddddd....Kuuuuuuuuummmmmbyyyyyaaaaaaahhhhhhhh
  7. audiowkstation

    audiowkstation Active Member

    Jun 29, 2001
    Got a few emails on this thread...Like 10 of them plus!!! so I thought I would take 5 mins off of a 22 hr a day schedule to reply..No joke fellows...I have worked on 14 hrs of sleep in 7 days for 3 weeks now solid. I am actually holding up pretty good and I am reading the forums..especially SP and his Memories.(uppercase there on purpose)

    I suppose my goal as a moderator of THIS (I have mine and this one) forum is to read and keep up with the goings-on and if some flames are started, I have (well more than 40 folks who email me)..warning of pending disaster.

    Moderation is Solely IMHO to direct misguided post to either the trashcan, or do a verbal correction. Moderation also means involvement! That is why there are three moderators. Ro (also IMHO) is not about moderators being non busy, has beens that have 16 hrs of their day to check each post and say "hello there!" You want direct interation with a moderator..hit the private mail. It rings loudly through my SSV77V University sound wall mounted horn system...letting me know of an email. Otherwise, my moderation duties are:

    1.Correct misinformation.
    2.Keep Assholitity to a minimum
    3.Chime in when I have something meaningful to add to the discussion.
    4. Answer questions that are directed to ME. (Hence private email)

    Many do not realize how many (10:1) that read and hit the email button or call my posted phone number to ask questions and just vibe out. I have certain patience for all of the above..but never mean to be rude or evasive when I answer the phone and say.."look Man..I am in a session, email okay? Thanks dude...."

    Biz is about getting the job done, forum is about sharing the info as we have time. Believe me, I have been non busy..and could post 50 followups a day...done it...probably do it again. Right now I am in ass kick mode.

    No..really, if the information that is being presented is accurate..and what is being said is a carbon copy of what I would say anyway...then it is best not to pile in there for repectability sake.

    This "project" I am on can be seen here:

    http://www.pro5.com/colors and is mega huge. Imagine, cretiquing mixes of 50 bands, mastering the entire compilation and having to deal with floods of last min. changes..and having to keep up with the director of the project, work a 7:30AM to 5:30PM day job, keep the Dog fed, keep me fed, and do all the other household chores as well?? Did I mention 1800 dollars (last week) in major car repairs and having to take the bus around for travel..and helping a buddy with a 2 million dollar house, designing and installing a 12 zone theater, multimedia system on weekends...700 miles away..in person?? (26 speakers plus the theater room system)... well I did it last two weekends... and will next weekend (11hr. drive one way) but I still have time to watch not just this forum..but respond when I can, to the other forum (mine) (Internet audio) helping folks with their tracks.

    This morning I was in Delray to run sound for a worthwhile charity at 5:15AM (Muzaks' Heart and soul foundation) http://www.muzak.com and 5K walk /Run..with multi performances, a solo flutest, A jazz combo, a DJ#1, DJ#2, a 20 piece dance troupe...and others...set up and tear down 2000 pounds of banners, equipment, speakers, 4 wireless systems..etc..and made it back here at 2PM to work more mastering. I will be at it until 10AM NON STOP tomorrow (send me some pizza and beer...I will give you the address)...and then it is off to the grand opening of a Church sound system I installed this week.
    Side bar:
    (yes, I did the machinework on 8 jack plates.. Each had...(8 XLR/20 TRS)1/128th machine presicion in my lap...Hey SP..how you do it?????I made a mistake or two in perfection on the early ones...seems clamping the work did not give thermodynamic expansion a way to go causeing slight warping of the 5/64th plate..(duh)..I did it totally by hand..two XLR drillouts had flaws of 1/32..not acceptible..at least they were in floor boxes..hid away..should have been perfect..next time I know)
    Sidebar end>>>
    to work perfect tomorrow morning..no real time to test..this is it..70K install....Da coda.to see how this weeks Major audio installation came out. Thank God I did not have to fly the speakers, as we have installers for that..but making sure the design is sound..and the system works well..is another story.

    For those interested, I actually got One of the echoplex units working...fabricated from an old cart machine...still some warts..but the thing sings, next to design a class A tube circuit to drive the recording heads and rebias it. Give me the rest of the year before the prototype is debugged. I will have 2 more units avalable...probably cost around 1300 though each. Lots of machine work, circuits..etc..

    This is a glimpse of the last 4 weeks, and there is more to come. Hopefully around the 22nd of Sept..things will calm down and I can get back to my forum. I also Have two nice pieces of super high fidelity equipment to review for October and November and one of them is still in the box..so that is the next project.

    See the review magazine http://www.enjoythemusic.com

    Do a search for your truly to see my reviews.

    We do all this because we LOVE music. That is what it is all about. I give my life and my marriage to music and I probably will do so for another 25 years..(by that time I will be pushing 70 so then it will be time to party)!!!!!

    Charity work (the forums, the local charities, running my studio, running my audio company, running everything else..is hard work..but I would not be Bill Roberts..if I sat on my ass.

    Sorry for the story...I just want you to see what all is involved when you are as deep in this industry as I am...(oh..7 albums for Chrismas has to be directed and produced (mixed , mastered, pressed, artwork et al) in Nov. Dec. Wish me luck!!!

    I do visit 3 times a week..and whenever a disaster is looming.....This has been a large last 4 weeks folks.

    Uhh I edited this post for typos..why has not someone sent the ^#$%ing pizza yet..I will pay you back!!!!!Just call any pizza parlor in west Palm or Lake Worth....hassle to get a pizza on Sat Night in South Florida.....and I bet I missed some typos..what you expect????

    Tell them to deliver to back alley North 13th&K!! That will get there attention (they all know where I am)

    Now Iv'e spent 15 mins on this....you know why..I Love all of you..don't forget it..now back to work everone..
  8. Hey Bill. I have just had a great night's sleep, and your post just knocked the living $*^t out of me, energy-wise. Thanks for nothing. :D :D
    Good luck on your projects.
  9. sdevino

    sdevino Active Member

    Mar 31, 2002
    ....What Bill said....
    Actually I have tried to start a few topics but the summer started out pretty slow around here (on the board). I have read through the entire board at least a couple of times but it seems like things have picked up here in the last few weeks.

    I have sessions booked out through mid november right now (i.e. I am very busy). We just spent 10 straight days tracking guitars and I expect to spend the next to tracking vox followed by 2 weeks of mixing 13 songs. I just hope I get this all done before my next big project which starts Columbus day weekend.

    So , point well taken. I will try to make sure I cause a little more trouble here.
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