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    electronic component TPS311016DVBR APPLICATION INFORMATION

    The TPS310x family has a quiescent current in the 1-µA to 2-µA range.When RESET, triggered by the voltage monitored at VDD, is active, the quiescent current increases to about 20 µA (see electrical characteristics). In some applications it is necessary to minimize the quiescent current even during the reset period. This is especially true when the voltage of a battery is supervised and the RESET is used to shut down the system or for an early warning. In this case the reset condition will last for a longer period of time. Especially when the battery is discharged, the current drawn from the battery should almost be zero.For this kind of applications the TPS3103 or TPS3106 are a good fit. To minimize current consumption it must be assured to select a version where the threshold voltage is lower than the voltage monitored at VDD. The TPS3106 has two reset outputs. One output (RSTVDD) is triggered from the voltage monitored at VDD. The other output (RSTSENSE) is triggered from the voltage monitored at SENSE. In the application shown in Figure 13, the TPS3106E09 is used to monitor the input voltage of two NiCd or NiMH cells. The threshold voltage (V(th) = 0.86 V) was chosen as low as possible to ensure that the supply voltage is always higher than the threshold voltage at VDD. The voltage of the battery is monitored using the SENSE input. The voltage divider was calculated to assert a reset using the RSTSENSE output at 2 x 0.8 V = 1.6 V.

    VTRIP is the voltage of the battery at which a reset is asserted
    VIT(S) is the threshold voltage at SENSE = 0.551 V.
    R1 was chosen for a resistor current in the 1-µA range.
    With VTRIP = 1.6 V:
    R1 ≈ 1.9 × R2
    R1 = 820 k, R2 = 430 k

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