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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by geeknik, Aug 11, 2005.

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    I am going to be mixing a project next week that will have around 24 tracks. The main plugs I want to use are some waves stuff, drumagog, brick wall, sonitus compressors, eqs, and reverb. I have been running reverb through an effects send and individually adjusting the effects bus on each track...but the compression will need to be on several individual tracks, and I have been putting a little on the entire mix. What are some suggestions on keeping my CPU usage at a minimum.

    I am running MSI K8T-NEO2 with AMD 64 3000+, 1GB of Ram DDR400 dual channel, 120GB WD IDE driver 7200RPM...Sonar 4...tascam fw-1884, and behringer ADA8000 for inputs.
  2. Derm

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    If Sonar 4 has a "Freeze" function ( I think it does) you can use this to reduce CPU overhead
  3. David French

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    Jun 19, 2002
    With that setup, I doubt you'll have to worry about it.
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    I've already had a couple of dropouts...but I haven't noticed any clicks and pops in my mixdowns really. How exactly does the freeze function work? It does have it.
  5. Derm

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    The freeze function is a temporary ( or permanent if you like ) bounce of any track with its plug ins. For example if you had a guitar track and you added chorus, delay & distortion plug ins, the freeze function overwrites the guitar track with all the fx mixed in.With a VSTi you can save Ram by freezing the track and then removing the VSTi. You are a left with an audio track that is much lighter on your system. If at any time you decide there is maybe too much distortion o your guitar track, you can unfreeze and edit before freezing again
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    Also if your computer has other non music uses, you should disable them to free up resources, printers, anti virus etc.
  7. geeknik

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    Thanks for that explaination. The computer is a strict daw...everything else is disabled.
  8. aztec

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    Maybe your problem is caused by denormalisation, some of the waves plugins are known to have such issues.

    Have a look (Dead Link Removed)
    and maybe download and try normalizer, see if you get less overall cpu usage.

    You can also visit and read some of their tuning/tweaks there.

    Take care

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