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    Valve compression is now universally recognised as one of the essential tools for today's recording engineer. The Ivory 5021 provides everything you would expect from a TL Audio compressor - first class audio quality, bags of flexibility and a price tag so modest you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a printing error! Now the new 5021 features hard and soft knee modes, four attack and release times, an improved optical gate design and an optional digital output. Like the C-1 compressor, the 5021 uses our own special transconductance amplifier design that avoids the use of VCAs - ensuring maximum audio transparency. So whether you?re hitting the end stops or just providing gentle dynamic control, the 5021 delivers super-smooth results every time!

    The 5021 employs two valve stages per channel, in the form of a Sovtek ECC8312AX7A twin triode valve run from a stabilised 150V DC supply. One stage is in the preamp, and the other is in the gain control element of the compressor.

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    *Each channel provides continuously variable control of: Input Gain, Threshold, Ratio, Gain Make-Up and Output Gain
    *NEW Four attack times: from 'Fast' (0.5mS) to 'Slow' (40mS)
    *NEW Four release times: from 'Fast' (40mS) to 'Slow' (4S)
    *NEW Hardsoft knee compression modes
    *Automatic "Hold" facility reduces LF distortion
    *NEW Optical gate with variable control of threshold (from -10dB to 'off')
    *?Bypass?and 'Stereo link' modes
    *Switchable VU meters provide indication of output level or gain reduction
    *Drive and Peak LEDs to indicate internal signal levels
    *Front panel instrument inputs
    *Balanced XLR line inputsoutputs duplicated on unbalanced jack connectors
    * Sidechain insert points
    *NEW Optional 24 bit stereo digital output)


    *Balanced Line Input: Maximum level: +26dBu
    *Balanced Line Outputs: Maximum level: +26dBu
    *Frequency Response: 10Hz to 40kHz, +0, -1dB
    *Noise: -80dBu (22Hz to 22kHz)
    *Dynamic Range: 106dB (Line input @ 0dB gain)
    *Power Supply: Consumption: 20VA typical
    *Dimensions: 483 x 200 x 88mm
    *Shipping Weight: 6kg

    (The above specifications are subject to change without notice)

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