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    The TL Audio 5052 Stereo Valve Processor is the latest addition to the best-selling Ivory 2 series. The 5052 provides everything you would expect from a high quality ?channel strip?product, and then doubles it - making it the ideal system front end and the perfect stereo mixdown and mastering device. While most channel strip products provide a single mono channel made up of preamp, dynamics and EQ stages, the 5052 provides two channels of each with independent stereo linking of the compressor, EQ and limiter sections. Recording a mono or stereo source to multitrack through the 5052 becomes simplicity itself, yet when it comes to mixdown the 5052 comes into its own by offering full stereo linked EQ and dynamics - allowing unparalleled processing of the stereo bus while mixing.

    Couple this supreme flexibility with TL Audio's class-leading valve circuit design, and the 5052 represents the ultimate tracking and mixing tool for today's digital

    The 5052 utilises six triode valve stages shared between the two channels, run from a high quality internal 150V stabilised DC supply.

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    • Valve preamp stage with mic, line and instrument connections
    • Valve compressor section with variable control of all parameters and bothhard/soft knee modes
    • Four band valve EQ section with swept LF/HF bands and parametric mids
    • Optical output limiter for transparent brick wall limiting
    • VU metering of input level, output level and gain reduction
    • Full stereo linking of compressor, EQ and limiter sections
    • A wealth of analog input, output and insert connections
    • 24 bit digital interfacing via the optional DO-2 digital output card

    • Preamp Input Gain: +16 to +60dB (mic input), -20 to +20dB (line input)
    • Compressor: Threshold: +10 to -20dB, Ratio: 1:1.5 to 1:30, Attack: 0.5mS to 50mS ,Release: 40mS to 4S, Gain Make Up: 0 to +20dB
    • Equaliser: LF band: +/-15dB from 30Hz to 1kHz, shelving or peaking modes, LM band: +/- 15dB from 50Hz to 3kHz, fully parametric, (Q variable between 0.5 and 5), HM band: +/- 15dB from 1kHz to 12kHz, fully parametric (Q variable between 0.5 and 5), HF band: +/- 15dB from 3kHz to 20kHz, shelving or peaking modes
    • Limiter: Threshold variable: 0 to +20dB
    • Master Section: Output Gain: to +15dB
    • PSU: Internally adjustable for 115/230V operation
    • Typical consumption: 30VA
    • Dimensions: 483 x 250 x 132mm (3U 19"rack mounting)
    • Shipping Weight: 9kg
    (The above specifications are subject to change without notice)

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