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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by DIGIT, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. DIGIT

    DIGIT Guest

    About a month ago I bid on a TL Audio VP-1 mic pre ( click here to listen ) on the big auction site we all know and love... :roll: Amazingly enough, I turned out to be the ONLY bidder and won the item for a little over 900 bucks (US buckaroos, that is), including shipping.

    The cheapest I have seen it sold in the US is around $2,500.00 (new) so, I would expect to pay about $2,000 for a unit in MINT condition and with only 8 hours of use (as the seller had described it). Therefore, I was sort of prepared for some [bad] surprise usually associated with deals that seem to good to be true.

    As it turns out, the seller was totally on the level and he even refunded me part of the shipping! Great guy!

    The unit sounds absolutely beautiful! I have been using it for a month now and it has produced excellent vocal tracks on both male and females of various genres (from Pop to Jazz). Very smooth, silky tone and a presence that is just right. It is a welcome addition to my pres from Millennia, U-Audio, Neve & SSL and it is at the same level as any of those, IMO.

    It is somewhat similar to the STT-1 that I have in that is has switchable VALVE and SOLID STATE pres (for mic ONLY), instrument and line inputs, compressor, eq, etc... (You can read more about it on the link I gave above).

    If any of you out there have been thinking about getting one, I'd have no reservation whatsoever to give it a big thumbs up! Especially since it would work great as the ONLY pre for someone buying his/her first prefessional mic/instr. pre.

    Truly, an excellent unit.

  2. Scoobie

    Scoobie Active Member

    Sep 6, 2006
    I've never use the VP-1 pre by TL Audio, but The best direct bass tracks I've ever recorded was done with a Ivory 2 series. (The 5001 quad valve)
    Just two weeks we rented one .

    TL Audio has some fine products<~~~~~~~~~Top quality

    Talking Valve pre amps, I'm re-tracking the vox in a project right now with a Buzz ARC 1.1. It's about the same as the VP-1. ( valve pre, Compressor and EQ. All in one) The Buzz makes my cheap ML-53 Ribbon mic sound like a world class ribbon.

  3. DIGIT

    DIGIT Guest

    Their IVORY line is very cool. I have used the 5052 before. Very, very nice unit!
  4. Free_trade_inn

    Free_trade_inn Active Member

    Nov 24, 2006
    I bought a TLA C1 less than a year old for £600!
    I use it as pre, comp and DI and its spot on quality wise. Maybe a bit too vanilla for some but fine for me.
  5. jasondirckze

    jasondirckze Guest

    Im surprised the TL Audio Ivory range are getting the thumbs up...they are overpriced and IMO not at all high-end as they tend to be marketed.

    Some of the TL gear I've tried sounded great, but definately nothing frm the Ivory range tickled my fancy
  6. DIGIT

    DIGIT Guest

    I have the C-1 and now the VP-1 and they both sound excellent.

    My only complaint with those units is that some of the controls are hard to set precisely and not easy to see in a dim studio. By comparison, by Millennia and UAudio units are much easier to set.

    But, also my SSL and Neve units are relatively hard to set compared to those guys. It's a matter of knobs being too cramped and/or too small.

    I do agree that the VP-1 is pricey, especially compared to my Millennia STT-1 however, I have been using it for all my vocals now and it sounds absolutely great! It is my first choice now for certain types of music.
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