to buy a mixer or not

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  1. hi everyone

    i recently opened a small home studio oriented to demo recording.
    and have recevied positive feedback from my work but, things in
    the buisness area arent happening, lots of people says they are
    interested and would come the next week to start recording but
    then they dissaper. and im not sure about what m i doing wrong
    in the process.

    in my equipment i count with a

    layla 3g 8 channel pci card
    focusrite octa pre LE preamp
    several sm57s a beta 52 several audix
    a couple of studio proejcts c4 a shure sm7b

    but no mixer
    i didn`t find the necesity of buying one
    y record the drums on 8 tracks trough the preamp and then the layla

    but im starting to think if people get scared by the absence of a mixer
    so im thinking in the posibility of buying one just for the fact of making
    people more atractted to it.

    but i find it kind of dumb of buying somehting that wont improve your
    sound. so i would like to know if yhou have any reasons to recomend me
    of why buying a mixer or any tip related to my "problem"
  2. ciubz

    ciubz Guest

    yep, i'm facing the same problem.
    The answer is to buy a used mixer off e ebay or any other place, if posiblle a cheap one but with a famous brand name on it(i would sugest a Mackie vlz 1604 or something similar). You don't have to even use it, just turn it on and turn on all the lights and buttons so it would look cool :) and some times turn some knobs and faders up and down to impress the folks
    U can even use it as a monitor mixer...yep

    Good Luck
  3. twon

    twon Guest

    maybe get a control surface for your DAW? then you can impress people with your "digital" "mixer"?

    especially flying faders are very good for impressing people...
    just a thought

  4. RemyRAD

    RemyRAD Member

    Sep 26, 2005
    Perhaps this little story will help you make a decision?

    In 1973, I was hired by the largest recording studio in Maryland as a production engineer for simple A/V oriented stuff. I was only 17 and still in high school. My boss, the owner of Flight 3 Recordings, also recorded all of the Baltimore Symphony's concerts. He told me that he used to hang 8 microphones over the orchestra but he confided in me that he generally only used the front 3. He told me the rest was there to baffle them with BS!

    Still, I think having a general-purpose mixer is a good asset.

    Unfortunately, they don't come in my favorite colors.
    Ms. Remy Ann David

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