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  1. Hi! I'm getting ready to send out my first project for mastering. The mastering guy wants my 24 bit file as AIFF and since I'm on a Mac and he's on PC he wants me to burn the CD in ISO 9660 format. Trouble is when I fire up TOAST (4.0.2 I think) and click on Format ISO 9660 is not listed as an option. Anyway way back when I first got the computer I had installed TOAST 4.0 and I'm pretty sure ISO 9660 was on the list at that time but like I said it's been a WHILE... So anyway somewhere along the line I had installed the update due to a problem I was having w/a Yamaha CD burner which ultimatly got replaced. The Yamaha guy sent me an OEM disk of TOAST to do this. The TOAST manual says that in order to use ISO 9660 that the extension for it must be turned on. Well... If I go to the extensions folder inside the system folder I see an ISO 9660 extension, but it's nowhere to be found on the list in the extensions manager. The only other thing which may or may not be a factor is that somewhere in the midst of all this I had upgraded from OS 8.5 to 8.6 but like I said my recollection of the timeline is hazy at best! Should I try reinstalling TOAST? If so what's the procedure (i'm not exactly a tech-head)any help would be hugely appreciated, I really need to get this project out the door. Thanks!
    Bob Green
    Area51 Recording Studio
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    Well, to uninstall toast all one has to do is throw the folder out. Also do a sherlock search for toast and throw anything out that you find..
    But, you may not need to trash it. The ISO 9660 format extension that you it in the disabled extensions folder? If so just put it in the extensions folder..
    Maybe the OEM version doesnt support that...not sure tho...
    Anyone care to comment?
  3. Jon Best

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    Mar 18, 2001
    He should be able to open it no matter what, if it's a 24 bit .aif file. If nothing else, he can download the free 5 day demo of MacDrive 2000 and do it.

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