Toured Bernie Grundman Yesterday

Discussion in 'Mastering' started by trojanmusic, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. trojanmusic

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    Really impressed with all there rooms as far as equipment and acoustics go. Anyone have any questions as far as what I saw ?
  2. Don Grossinger

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    Jan 16, 2002
    just north of NYC
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    Dear Trojanmusic,

    OK, questions:

    How many rooms does he have?
    How many full time engineers?
    Are all rooms set up for suround mastering?
    Does he still cut vinyl?
    Are the lathes set up in the individual rooms or in 1 central location?
    Is there a dedicated cutting engineer or does everyone do their own work?
    What kind of DAW does he use?
    Does everything get converted to analog for processing & back to digital?
    What kinds of monitors / amps?
    Are you doing some work there?
    How's the business vibe: busy?
    Any other tidbits?

  3. trojanmusic

    trojanmusic Guest

    1. I was in three different rooms, but there might be more. They have a dedicated repair shop, and a room where they cut vinyl aside from the three mastering room I was in.

    2.I believe they have 3-5 full time engineers.

    3. I was in only one room that offered surround sound setup.

    4.yes they have to vinyl cutting machines, one tube one solid state.

    5. One central location.

    6. I believ eveyone does there own work, but I am not sure on this one.

    7. I saw nuendo in the surround room, and wavelab and some software I didnt recognize in the other rooms.

    8. from my understanding they almost always convert to analog, but they had pleant of digitalgear as well. All the converters were made by a company called ?db technologies?.

    9. Dont know what amps, but I believe the monitors were tannoys, however one room had had an assortment of nearfileds from krk to yamaha to genelec..etc

    10. Nope visited with my school, USC trojans. Our teacher Beano May is the head of there tech and repair.

    11. We visited the facility at 7 oclock at night and there were probably about 20 people there from clients to engineers. You can tell that it gets busy during the day however.

    Its really a hugespace for simply being a mastering facility. There are tons of gold and platnium albums hung all over the place. There are randome protool hd stations in the hall ways for random editing I guess.

    Beano our teacher modifies every piece of gear from the power supply to the internal components. Everything is custom and factory modified. I was excited to see the use of nuendo and not protools. Any other questions I'll be sure to answer
  4. realdynamix

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    Feb 23, 2001
    :) What a great field trip!

    Do you recall which model Yamaha speaker you saw?

    What type of metering was visible, and if so, was it universal.

    Did you notice any free standing acoustic treatments, such as wavelength traps etc.

    What was the work atmosphere like, bright lit rooms, or subtle soft lighting, IOW, were the work environments comfortable, or clinical?

    From what you may have heard, how would you describe the average monitor levels.

    Thanks for sharing,

  5. trojanmusic

    trojanmusic Guest

    A pair of msp 5's, I saw no ns-10 in any room.

    The metering was lare vu meter, and some leds. the board didnt have faders, but rather large Hockey ouck style pots to adjust the levels.

    All the rooms we wrapped in fabric, and had acoustical treatmets, ie foams and diffusors in certain areas. Counldnt tell you what brand.

    The rooms were very confortable. Well lit but not to bright. Client couches were located behind the engineers chair. All the rooms were equipped with large flat screen lcd monitors, in most cases 2 or 3 per room.

    The monitoring level was actually somewhat high. When we recieved a demonstarion, I could barley hear the engineer 8 feet away from me over the music. But from what they explained they monitor at several different levels.

    Glad I can help. We are heading toi capitol studios nbext semester so Ill give you guys so details on that.
  6. Pez

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    Dec 27, 2002
    Did you notice which version of Nuendo they were running by any chance?
  7. trojanmusic

    trojanmusic Guest

    really couldnt tell you, only saw it on a screen from a couple of feet away. Im assuming the most recent, and stable version.
  8. dcollins

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    His name is "Beno"

    Beano is something you put on food...

    This could affect your grade in the class..


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  9. Michael Fossenkemper

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    My ex girlfriend used to take beano, I hated her.
  10. dcollins

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    But it was better than not taking it, right?

  11. audiotech

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    Did you see Burnie the whole time that you were there?
    How old are his engineers ?

    Gerald Cook
  12. audiotech

    audiotech Guest

    I would really enjoy a conversation with your friend Beano.

    Gerald Cook

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