Tracking Electronic Drums

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    Hello, I want to practice and record using an electronic drumset and guitar, bass etc.. and record to a multitrack unit. The guitar will have a podxt and the bass will be direct so no mics will be used. I was wondering if: instead of using headphones while tracking if I could use Fostex PM0.4 monitors to monitor the sound. Will this be too much for the monitors to handle, I don't need alot of volume just enough for everyone to hear themselves . Also, If i want to practice with some guitars (played through amps) and electronic drums would I get enough volume out of the monitors to compete with the guitar? Or would I be damaging the monitors? The monitors have a 4 inch woofer and .65 inch tweeter. I haven't bought the monitors yet and if I need larger ones to do this please let me know or give me suggestions. Thanks very much.

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