Tracking Guitar and Vox Simultaneously

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by robchittum, Oct 31, 2003.

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    Hey folks,
    I'm currently working with a singer/songwriter and want to get the best possible recording of him. However, when I do the standard tracking of guitar and vocals separately it loses some of the emotion and timing that I think are needing to be captured. So I am considering doing both vocals and guitar at one time, but I know that kills some of my ability to eq and edit the individual tracks. Right now I am using stereo set-up for guitar (two oktava MC-012's) with cardiod capsules. I have the hypercardiod capsules, but to do the trick of having one mic at 3X the distance, the hyper doesn't work for that well. I could put a hyper cardiod at the 12th fret, and a cardiod above his right shoulder aimed at the body. I am using a Studio Projects T3 on vocals, and there is no hypercardiod setting for the mic, so I am stuck with cardiod on that. Does anybody have any advice for how to do this so that will get a good recording that can be edited? The other factor is to try to get the performance as tight as possible so that editing can be kept to a minimum. There's still the problem with eq'ing. Please help me! Thanks,

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    I have had good results using one mic on the guitar and one mic on the vocals. on the vocal mic I usually turn it upside and point it up at a 45 degree angle. this usually offers pretty good separation. You might want to try two mics in ORTF picking up the vocal and guitar. I know this doesn't offer much for editing but if the performance is good then it produces a very intimate recording.
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    Thanks for the ideas Kinsol,
    what is ORTF?
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    Oct 7, 2001
    Go with a pair of figure-of-eight mics like the AKG 414's, and point the null point of each mic at the opposite sound source. (did that make sense?)

    Mic up the guitar first to get the right mic postion for the sound (12th fret...neck/body joint, whereever it sounds best). Next postion the vocal mic so that you get rejection from the guitar, and yet the vocalist can still get a good vocal track.

    Easier to do then to describe!

    You will still get a little bit of bleed, but it will be much better then using standard cardiod mics!
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    ORTF is a stereo micing tecnique
    Here's a link I just found describing it.

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