Tracking room/mixing room split?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by BobRogers, Dec 26, 2012.

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    My current situation is that I have a combined mix/tracking room in my basement. I've put in a lot of bass traps and diffusion (mostly under the guidance of people on this forum) and the result is a fairly neutral sounding (as opposed to "good sounding") tracking room. I get good vocals and acoustic instruments. Drums are ... not terrible. I've learned to mix in this room, but it is asymmetric and it would be nice to mix in a room with a clearer stereo image. (I believe that fixing it would be expensive - buy another house expensive.) I have a room that could soon become available (Get out Alice! Pick up your room!) for mixing that is symmetric and pretty nicely shaped with a peaked ceiling.

    Now, I've posted in this forum rather than the acoustics/studio forum because, for now, I want to consider the possibility of splitting tracking and mixing into two rooms (without the mixing room being a control room because the rooms are far enough apart that I wouldn't want to run down the stairs to move a mic one inch - so I wouldn't do it and the recording would sound like hog farts.). I want to explore the logistics of this rather than the acoustics of my space. Right now I am mixing in the box using plugins exclusively. I'd basically split my system so that I'd have all of my preamps and a computer and interface in the tracking room. In the mixing room I'd have a computer with all of my UAD PCI cards. I'd probably get another interface for the mixing room. At a minimum it could be just DA conversion, but I'd probably want a couple of channels of AD conversion for overdubbing vocals, etc. (I know Chris is going to come at with me talk of a hybrid system. I will listen, but I have handed the checkbook to my wife - at least temporarily.)

    So my question is - how many of you have done this? I know a lot of you have recorded remotely and mixed at home. This has got to be about the same idea. (I have access to a couple of local spaces that would mike the drums sound great. Makes the motivation for a second mortgage pretty small.) What are the drawbacks/advantages.

    Thanks in advance.
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