Tracking with Apollo X at AIR Studios

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    Producer Jacknife Lee on his Revamped Workflow

    Jacknife Lee is not a producer who allows his mental energy to be occupied by technical hangups. In fact, nothing frustrates the veteran of records with U2, Snow Patrol, and The Killers more than gear that’s less than completely reliable. So when Lee tracked Irish indie rockers, Two Door Cinema Club along with the London Metropolitan Orchestra at AIR Studios in London with the new Apollo X interfaces, he was delighted to not bang his head against mountains of klugey outboard gear, or outdated I/O devices.

    Lee had prior experience with Apollo, but very little with the included Console app — the key to unlocking UA Audio Interface's unique Realtime UAD Processing capabilities. Here, Lee details his revelatory experience with Console, Apollo X, and how they fit seamlessly into his platinum-approved workflow.

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