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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by vishmoose, Aug 1, 2005.

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    I am using adobe audition. Sometimes i record tracks and everything works great. however, i commonly come across a problem when recording a track while listening to the rhythm i first made and i know im on cue, when i playit back the new track is slightly of time and eventually is so far off it sounds like jumbled mess.

    it doesnt always do this, but enough to be extrememly frustrating.

    im somewhat new, all i need to do is lay down 4-5 tracks (guitar, bass, vocals etc) and have them line up. when i am recording everything seems fine but on playback one or more of the tracks is off. i tried using cakewalk and go tthe same problem. PLEASE HELP

    thank you
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    It sounds like you have a serious latency problem. What kind of sound card do you use? Also, check and if nessesary, adjust the cards buffers. But even after going through all that, you may find yourself replacing that aging card anyway.
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    Will Audition allow you to set the tempo, lay down a grid on the tracks and let you snap the audio to it?

    I mean, once you get the latency issue fixed.

    Go here for some tips on tweaking Windows for audio:


    You have been warned...
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    I have run into that same problem before and with me it usually happens when I have a sh*t ton of fx going or I have a lot of tracks. If you are using a lot of plugins try using the freeze function on them. What I think it is boiling down to is a resource problem. Your asking your comp to do more than it can and so you get a delay in your recording. So try to free up some resources by maybe closing unnecessary programs running in your system tray, and if that doesnt work fiddle with your buffers. If you are running a PC hit Ctrl+Shift+Esc and it will bring up your task manager you can view your cpu usage there, if it is running a constatn 100% you know your running your machine at top notch. Other than that maybe more RAM, and if your not definantly use a good recording sound card. I hear that, especially onboard sound, frequently just does not have the drivers, or ability to handle recording sound reqirements. GOOD LUCK!
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    When you have a lot of plug ins and what not you need to raise your buffer size to allow the system to handle it.

    What dab meister said was the correct answer...whatever sound card you have is causing a delay in recording due to the buffer size settings. The lower the buffer sizes the quicker the sound is recorded so to speak. The higher the latency the longer it takes for the sound card to buffer the audio and spit it out.

    Opus :D

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