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    Kind of strange posting here...looks like a pretty heavy group

    New training CDs...Pro Tools LE , Waves, NI

    web page
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    Hi freaksy, we're all just regular joes here, feel free to lurk or post anytime. RO is far from IMO, ego heavy or arrogant. You may consider being a moderator on this subject if you are representing training.

    Regarding your post though, it's pretty much spam, (like I'm not guilty too) however, we do need support from everyone (what goes around comes around) so if you would like to take out a banner ad we have a special on and I would really appreciate it. $149 for 3 months! :eek:

    As a gift to all members, your welcome to add your link (free) in the Business Directory and, I will even do an article in the e-mag for free. All members get one free one. The e-mag is one of the best search engine magnets out there so your welcome to take advantage of that.

    We welcome your threads on audio.

    Cheers :w:

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