Transition from DIGI002 to HD1/2 or others - opinions please

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Digger, Jul 13, 2005.

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    I am considering a leap from my current DIGI002 Rack to an HD based system. I tend to record full bands which means I frequently use all 18 inputs at the same time on my DIGI002. I have some great mic pres and A/D-D/A converters and I just hate the idea of using the DIGI002 converters. I am also limited if I want to record at higher than 48K sampling rates unless; A) I am willing to use the DIGI002 converters OR B) Use the my SPDIF converter. If I want to record a full band steup using more than 11 inputs at the same time at higher than 48K than I am pretty much SOL.

    I do know that I can buy an HD based system but I have some reservations about that option for various reasons. I would like to know if any of our member have made this transition and tell me about their experience (good, bad, things to watch out for etc...)

    I know Pro-Tools isn't the only option out there so I would really like to hear about other options from the group as far as a suitable software/interface combos that would allow me to; A) Record up to 24 tracks simultaneously while using a sample rate of 96K or greater B) use the A/D to D/A converters of my choice C) Must be PC compatible and have a good rep for stability.

    Thanks - sorry for the long message
  2. McCheese

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    Mar 24, 2005
    I've never seen HD on a PC, I know it works, but I've never seen it actually done. Nuendo is a good strong PC option, with some RME or MOTU I/O.
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    I can't say that I made the transition from Digi 002 to HD, but I work on both systems, so I have an opinion on the subject.

    There is a HUGE difference in sound between the two systems. The converters on the HD systems are far, far better. The Digi002 is okay if you know what you're doing, (I'm sure you do) using the right equipment and feeding it healthy levels. Try to crank up the volume of your Digi 002 system, listening to soft parts that have been recorded using it's preamps and/or converters and you'll start feeling sorry.
    I don't want to sound like you should throw it away. It always depends on how "serious" your project is in terms of sound quality, resolution,...

    In my system, I have both 96 and 192 interfaces. Get the 192 if you want a real significant improvement of sound quality, with I/O facilities of all types. I use the 192 for main A/D and D/A conversions and the 96 for hardware inserts while I mix. I have also a 888 interface that I use for AES connections. I did not get two 192 because I was on a fixed budget. Otherwise, I would have.

    Bear in mind that it the HD system has no preamps and it's going to take several interfaces to get that many (18 or so) signals in at the same time. You'll need extra hard disk, especially if you start working at 96kHz or higher. You'll need a beefy G5 and possibly and expansion chassis depending on your system. The 192 interface looks like it could handle 16 inputs. It does, but not all of the same type at the same time. Forget about 16 analog ins!!! Unless you're ready to spend a lot of extra money to ad optional A/D or D/A cards in the box. And that would only get you to 16 analog inputs per interface.

    If you can afford all this, you'll be HAPPY. I am!


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