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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by catsontracks, Jan 13, 2003.

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    Say I want to use a kickpattern to trigger a guitar, so that everytime the kick kicks the guitar sounds.
    How do I set that up in a DAW?

    Some usefull tips and or links would be very helpfull.

  2. RecorderMan

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    Mar 28, 2001
    pretty simple process.

    1. put the gate on the insert of the gtr track.
    the gate pluggin in question must have a "key input" feature.
    2. Send a bus of the kick. Make the Bus a pre-fader send, so that if you do gain rides on your kick drum, it does not affect the level to the gate (and thereby mess up the settings that you have arrived at)
    3. Back over at the gate, select the afformentioned bus send as the key inoput for the gate.
    4. Now adjust the threshold of the gate to open only when the kick hits. If you ahve two kick tracks (i.e. separate in and out mics) pick the one with the least amoun t of bleed (ususally the "in" mic) to minimixe false triggers from the snare, ect.
    5. In rare instances with a poorly recorded kick you will have trouble getting rid of the bleed from the snare. Very good gates (like a real Drawmer DS201) will also have HI & LO pass filters so that ou can dial in to a very narrow frequency that is predominately centered around the instrumenst your this case the you'd roll off most of the top with this filter and it would become "deaf" to the snare.
    If this is the case and your plug-in doesn't have this feature....send the pre-fader bus from the kick to another channel first. On that channel add an EQ with Hi & Lo pass filters and dialin the kick/remove the snare. Now, send the output of this channel (this channel should NOT be going to the stereo mix) to the key input oif your gate.
    6. Now adjust Attck to fast or and hold &/or release to taste....have some percussive fun!
  3. catsontracks

    catsontracks Guest

    He man, thank you very much!

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