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    I dont know if this is possible but maybe someone can help/.

    I have drum tracks laid out the dont sound that great - I wanted to know if there is a way that I could take the snare drum track (or any track for that matter) and use that track to trigger a drum sampler such as battery - or even bfd.

    If any on e know of a way to do thi splease let me know -

    thanks in advance!
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    Yes you can.

    I use Cubase and there are two ways I know of doing this.

    Drumagog is a drum replacer plug-in. It actually has drum sounds of it's own but you can use your own sounds if you wish. Basically you take a drum track and set the trigger level and it will trigger sounds set up in the program. Alternatively, you can have it output midi information and create a midi track that corresponds to your audio track. Then you could use that midi track to trigger Battery or whatever.

    Alesis D4
    The D4 is a drum module that has trigger inputs. You could route your snare track to an independant output and patch that into the D4. Set up the D4 so that the trigger creates whatever midi note you want it to. Hook the midi out of the D4 to the midi in of your DAW. Set up a midi channel to record the midi output of the D4. Then you can use that midi channel to trigger Battery or whatever.

    I believe there is also a tool called Sound Replacer in Protools, but I've never used it.
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    Nov 13, 2001
    Sound Replacer works by replacing or blending of wave files and doesn't create new midi notes.

    All of the above can get you to an end result but to use midi or to stay in .wav is a workflow choice.

    I like midi and I have modules so the D4 is my unit of choice.
    I have Sound Replacer and so I use that too.

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