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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Tolkki, Feb 23, 2002.

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  1. Tolkki

    Tolkki Guest

    I would like to use samples for kick and snare, but
    I haven´t found a system that would satisfy me.
    I would like to trigger kicks and snares to midi sequencer software and then play it back in sync.
    Most of the time the seq would be slave to analog 24 track.
    The problem seems to be that the sync boxes I have used are not accurate enough because I am using the original snare and kick too (about 50/50).
    So every 6th or 7th note is not in time and I can hear the difference between the original sound and sample. Perhaps 5 milliseconds but enough for it to be annoying.
    I have used Cubase and MOTU microexpress with abovementioned results.
    I have heard that atari st and unitor software with unitor sync box might be accurate, but atari doesn´t interest me that much.
  2. pan

    pan Guest

    That's something mankind has always struggled with: MIDI + Audio - even on Atari...the answer is : Editing...
  3. pan

    pan Guest

    ...well sometimes it's about to record the MIDI-triggered drumsounds back to tape(HD) and to punch in out of phase ones, or to manually align them in the digital domain. A little time-consuming, but very satisfiying.
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